13 Club Tianjin Live Schedule Archive

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Live Schedule Archive of the 13 Club in Tianjin, China



2 Aug(Sat)MISERABLE FAITH 9pm Ticket:50

5 Aug “Frozen Street”From Nanjing China Tour 9pm Ticket:30

8 Aug (Fri) Tianjin Rock Celebrate the Olympic Games Bands:He gang,Head cable winding card,Rock,Chromosome Girl band, BACK,Dance Company massacre 9pm Ticket:40

9 Aug(Sat)Mogolia Folk Night Artists:Gangzi (Inner Mogolia ) 9pm Ticket:40(With beer or cola) http://www.myspace.cn/gangzi001981

15 Aug (Fri) Special Performance Featuring “monkeystore” 9pm 50rmb http://www.myspace.cn/monkeystore

16 Aug(Sat) Before The Dawning Metal Bands: Evil thorn(Beijing)WRATH OF DESPOT(Beijing)Dismember Of Hell 9pm Ticket:40rmb

23 Aug(Sat)folk Music “Zhou yun peng” 9pm Ticket:30rmb

29 Aug (Fri) Modern folk poet“Hong qi” CD Release Show 9pm Ticket:30rmb http://blog.sina.com.cn/hongqi

30 Aug(Sat)“Reflector“ Ska Punk 9pm Ticket:40rmb