2009 Fun Fair Festival

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May 15th 2009, Beijing Chaowai Soho, free!

2009 Fun Fair Festival (2009 Fun Fair音乐节) is an outdoor rock and pop music festival in Beijing, Chaoyang District at the shopping center Jianwai Soho.


General Information

Location: Beijing Chaowai Soho Center (朝阳区 朝外SOHO、SOHO尚都, Chaoyang District, near Ritan Park)

Date: May 15th 2009, 6pm

Organizer: Soho China (品德公关顾问(北京)有限公司 SOHO中国)

Official Website:

Tix: Free

on Google Mag or Baidu Map


There will be three stages

Stage Schedule

Main Stage: Chaowai Soho Kite Street


Rock Stage: Soho Shangdu


Party Stage: Chaowai Soho, 7th Floor


12:00-13:30 Woodie Alan

18:50-19:00 王胜男
19:00-19:30 Xia Yan 夏炎与半减七乐队
19:30-19:45 Super VC (果味VC)
19:45-20:15 Reflector 反光镜
20:15-21:00 Pet Conspiracy 宠物同谋
21:00-21:30 Cao Fang 曹方(待定)
21:30-22:00 Convenience Store 便利商店
22:00-22:30 Honey Gun 糖果枪

17:30-18:00 朱婧 & The Blue Knights

18:00-18:30 Future Bicycle 未来脚踏车
18:30-19:00 摩卡
19:00-19:30 Midnight Flight 午夜飞行
19:30-20:00 PB33
20:00-20:45 彭坦和乐队
20:45-21:15 Lucky Monkey (跳猴)
21:15-21:45 A-OK
21:45-22:15 Caffe-In 咖啡因

17:30-17:50 董佳佳

17:50-18:10 简约情人
18:10-18:30 千墀
18:30-18:50 邵小毛
18:50-19:10 禅婵
19:10-19:40 Planet Map 星球地图
19:40-20:10 橙色系乐队
20:10-20:40 Diao Lei刁磊
20:40-21:10 Dr Feelgood
21:10-21:40 Howie Lee
21:40-22:10 Baifan
22:10-22:40 Sulumi
22:40-23:10 Liman

Further Information