214 Days and 3 vomit youth (Lure)

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Cover of early China release
Cover of late China release
Cover of Malaysia release


General Information

Artist: xxx
Title: 214 Days and 3 vomit youth /
Release Date: 1998, December (China) and 2000, January (Malaysia)
Label: Self-produced records (1998 release)
第三隻眼音楽工作室 (2000 release)
Type: Tape
Catalog No.: HH005-2A (Malaysia release)
Language: ---
ISRC: ---

Track Listing Side A

  1. 見紅 Red appearance
  2. 向上飛的五角星 Fly high five-pointed star  
  3. 初夜 First night  
  4. 白色中的玩偶 Dolls in white  
  5. 下墜 A Fall  
  6. 斉活 Alive together  

Track Listing Side B

  1. 被掩蓋的 Those that covered
  2. 支離 Torn into pieces
  3. 球形電視 Ball shape TV
  4. 失陥 A Fall
  5. 没了 No more
  6. Bonus: 我還健在 I am still surviving
  7. Bonus: 拯救人民 Save the people

Further Information