330 Metal Festival 2012

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General information

Title 330 Metal Festival 2012
Start Date 2012/04/02 20:00:00
End Date 2012/04/04 23:59:00
Organizer Suffocated
Event Location(s) Starlive, MAO Live House Shanghai

Event Poster

330 Metal Festival 2012

330 Metal Festival 2012.jpg

10 years anniversary! Beijing & Shanghai

330 Metal Festival 2012 is an indoor metal festival in done by Suffocated's guitarist Kou.

General Information

330 Metal Festival started out 10 years ago as a birthday party of Suffocated's lead guitarist Kou Zhengyu (also Spring Autumn) on March 30th 2002 in Old Get Luck Bar, as Suffocated-vocalist Liu Zheng remembers it, it took 6 metal bands and 5 cases of beers to accomplish the first gig. From then on he would keep on doing a gig each year around the same time under this banner. In recent years, his 330 got bigger and bigger with several bands playing on this nowadays multi-day event so the attribute "festival" has become more relevant. This year they are celebrating this event for the first time both in Beijing and Shanghai.


Date: 2nd April 2012

Location: Tango 3rd Floor

Tickets: Pre-sale 80 RMB, at Doors 100 RMB

Organizer: Suffocated



Date: 4th April 2012

Location: MAO Live House Shanghai

Tickets: Pre-sale 80 RMB, at Doors 100 RMB

Organizer: Suffocated


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