3x Chinese Bands on MU:CON 2012

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MU:CON in Seoul Korea is a music conference and band showcase


General Information

Date: 2012 Nov 2nd

Location: at Prism Hall and http://rollinghall.co.kr

Organizer: Greenplugged Festival (a partner of Midi)

Website: www.mucon.or.kr


Midi Productions brings 3x Chinese metal bands to play on MU:CON showcase in Seoul Korea

活动介绍 / Event Info



今年,迷笛音乐节获邀参加将于11月1日至3日在韩国首尔举办的MU:CON Seoul 2012,并将参与关于中国音乐市场现状的讨论。迷笛音乐节的国际合作部主任于阳将应邀出席MU:CON的亚洲音乐论坛并与其他国家的音乐节代表共同展开对亚洲音乐市场话题的讨论。迷笛推荐的三支中国乐队:New Tank、猫踢狗和玉麟军也将于11月2日在首尔知名的现场酒吧进行表演。


演出时间表/Show schedule:http://www.mucon.or.kr/sub_03_en/sub_04.php?m=3&s=34]

乐队介绍 / Band Info

玉麟军 (AJK) 是大陆最知名的另类金属乐队。乐队成立于2008年10月11日,他们独特的舞台风格和多元的音乐元素使他们迅速受到广泛关注,成为了中国摇滚界独树一帜的代表之一。目前乐队已发行两张EP和数支单曲,并参与过国内众多知名音乐节的演出,受到广泛好评。

Formed in 2008, by the bass player of China's first gothic industrial band Fall Insects, A.J.K took many years to perfect its formation. Their name stands for the guard brigarde of the emperor in ancient China. Knowing that hard rock music is based on the capacity into the Alternative Metal and Shock Rock, A.J.K usese Industrial Metal and many other musical elements to create their own unique genre. Lyrics are written from the soul to explain firm beliefs, dreams, and obstacles. In this way, A.J.K has declared to the world of a new era of music! In Autumn 2008, they signed with 黒暗和声. In 2009, AJK won the Best Visiual Effect Award at W.O.A. Metal Battle China band competition. In January 2010 their song Army of Jade Kirin was included in the X-Music Magazine no. 406. On May 4th, 2010, they performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010.

猫踢狗(Multi-Ego)来自北京,主要风格为screamo/post-hardcore。乐队成立于北京现代音乐学院,2009年首次登台参加了一场乐队比赛并崭露头角。2010年,乐队发表了首张EP并进行了10站全国巡演;2011年参演草莓音乐节过载舞台,之后完成了又一次大型全国巡演;2012年参演迷笛音乐节和日本Summer Sonic音乐节的中国舞台。

Multi-Ego (in Chinese 猫踢狗, means "cat kicks dog") is a screamo/post-hardcore band stemming from Tongzhou of Beijing, China. The band grew out of the campus of Beijing Contemparary Music Academy in late 2008, the band members having an average age of 19 years old. Similar to many other bands stemming from Beijing, the rock center of China, the integrity of the band lineup has always been challenged by the cruelty of reality in its early days. In May and June 2009, they took part in the Master Brand ICE FORCE band competition and made the North Division first place for the Screamo and Post-Hardcore genre. Their heavy musical passages are intertwined with a strong breakdown, easily understood melodies and the bursting tension of the indie scene.

NewTank是一支来自北京的emo/post-hardcore乐队,平均年龄21岁。2010年4月发行第一张独立EP《Time》,11年春季落户Big Mic Records,并于2011年9月发行第二张EP,此后顺利完成了他们的首次全国巡演。2012年8月参演亚洲最大的SummerSonic音乐节并完成首次国外巡演。

NewTank's style is Emo/Post-Hardcore-based. Every summer they would record a number of independent works. After bass player Zuo Teng and drummer Lin Dongjie joint in, the band was officially established in June 2008. October 2009 NewTank finally got on the right track and participated on Levi's fledgling National Band Competition. They gained the best position at the fourth heat and made it to compete on the national quarterfinals. After the competition the band rehearsing new songs and took a long break until the beginning of 2010. The result was their first EP "Time" in April 2010. While struggling with minor line-up changes they signed to Big Mic Records at spring time in 2011 and release their 2nd output in September.

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