A Distance For 7 Years (Tookoo)

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General Information

Artist: Tookoo
Title: A Distance For 7 Years
Release Date: 2008, May 1st
Label: Scream Records
Type: CDDA + DVD
Catalog No.:
ISRC: CND030830100

Track Listing

  1. I'm The Captain
  2. Hey
  3. Dance For Yourself
  4. Take Me Home
  5. Everytime I Cried
  6. Split Up The Process
  7. Share My Sorrow
  8. Don't Be Afraid
  9. You Are A Liar
  10. No One Cares(Acoustic)
  11. Sad Song
  12. Set Fire On The Memories
  13. Lunacy Story
  14. Pray For Thursday
  15. No One Cares
  16. Wishes

Further information

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