A Travel Book (Bai Shui)

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General Information

Artist: Bai Shui
Title: A Travel Book
Release Date: 2011
Label: Midnight Productions
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: MN030
Language: Chinese
ISRC: ---
Credits: 詩作者:鳥癡、白水

Track Listing

  1. 鳳凰山人 / Layfolk Living on the Phoenix Mountain
  2. 喜宴 / Wedding Banquet
  3. 遇伶樓 / Tower for Memorizing the Meeting with a wandering singer
  4. 跳舞 / Dancing
  5. 西涼道 / Road Leading to Mysterious Western Region
  6. 鬥笠 / Bamboo Hat
  7. 長安 / Chang’an, an Ancient Capital Drunk in Autumn Rain
  8. 香穀園 / Fragrant Rice Garden
  9. 回歸 / Return
  10. 孟婆湯 / Five-flavored Tea for Forgetfulness

Further Information

  • An alternative of Baishui's new twin album. Unlike the traditional Chinese folk he used to compose, it is of instrumental World Music and dabbles in music, humanities and histories of multi-region. In this album of western regions vast desert keynote, Baishui emphasizes the atmosphere and his arrangement is more fickle and experimental. We can hear his deep understanding of World Music and high quality creativity in the record.
  • Digipack, limited to 1000 copies
  • Douban.com Page