A tribute to Burzum: Triumph und Wille (VA)

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General Information

Artist: Various Artists
Title: A Tribute To Burzum - Triumph Und Wille
Release Date: 2006
Label: 29A Records
Type: CDDA

Track Listing

  1. Vargoroth - Intro (Ansuzgardaraiwô)
  2. Anal Nosorog - Lost Wisdom
  3. Animi Vultus - Ea, Lord Of The Depths
  4. Fever - Når Himmelen Klarner
  5. Ululate - Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown
  6. Zergeyth - Tomhet
  7. Urobah - Erblicket Die Töchter Des Firmaments
  8. Manuscript - Bálferð Baldrs
  9. Ultima Thule - En Ring Til Å Herske
  10. Grafzerk - Dunkelheit
  11. Gloom - Verlorene Weisheit / War
  12. Мъртво Вълнение - A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit

Further Information

  • Triumph und Wille is a compilation album, released by 29A Records, in which bands from Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, and China took part doing cover songs by the infamous black metal band Burzum.
  • Limited to 500 signed copies.