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Armissan, photo (c) Greenwall (Cai Ming)

Armissan (阿米山) Chengdu-based French-singing rock band



Sebastien: vocalist and guitarist

Bodo: bassist

Tommy : drummer and sound engineer


September 2004, Sebastien and Bodo were neighbors in Sichuan University's Foreign Student Resident Halls.

After a series of rowdy parties on the 3rd Floor of the resident halls, both moved out but kept in close contact. Sebastien went on to join the Alliance Francaise of Chengdu as a teacher of French and also became the events coordinator organizing activities for the center including inviting artists from France to perform (Mademoiselle K, Constance etc…). Bodo continued his studies at Sichuan University and formed a funk/rock group, Funky Something, performing at various bar and clubs across Chengdu. In 2005 Funky Something released their first album in Chengdu.

On the other hand, Tommy being a multi-talented musician, playing both bass and drums, started to roam the streets of Chengdu in 2003, acting as an English teacher and musician. Towards the end of 2005, he met Sebastien and Bodo at various music shows. The three men began to talk, play and breathe music together, starting off only playing covers of popular foreign bands to a crowd of indifferent Chinese, in order to make a living.

Armissan though was in the making. The guys needed a break from being told what music to play. They needed an outlet for their boiling musical creativity.

Every Saturday, Sebastien, Bodo and Tommy started to gather at Hemp House to jam, slowly building coherence and closeness. Armissan was formed as a serious collaboration of each of their musical inspirations.

Armissan has since appeared at various bars/concert halls in and around Chengdu, Chongqing, Leshan. Their music is funky, rocking with a hint of jazz and blues. Sebastien is the vocalist and guitarist, Bodo the bassist and Tommy the drummer and sound engineer.

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