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Astring Studio, 北京乐家轩 Beijing Le Jia Gan (one of the biggest professional studios for recording and production in China)


Taken from their Website:

Beijing A-String Studio is the biggest music production base in Asia, and is home to all music workers, and cooperator with the Olympic Games. Here we have the most experienced music workers. 2008 Beijing Olympic theme song “We are Ready” was born here! A-String Studio is ready to bring you to success!

Beijing A-String Studio was established in April 2007, and is the biggest recording center and music production base in Asia. It has a total of 14 recording booths which all have top-notch recording equipment. Besides a full digital mixing console, it also has a SSL J-9000 super mixing console, Studer 963, and ProTools HD3 systems. With our enthusiasm and persistence towards music, A-String Studio has attracted the attention and devotion of a group of top-notch music producers and recording engineers, including Zhang Yadong, Yin Wenqi, Chen Jianping, Ping Liao, Chen Wei, Lao Man, Li Jie, and Hou Jiande. Artists including Jackie Chan, Stefanie Sun, Leo Lee, Elva Xiao, Sun Nan, Han Hong, Emil Chau, Jeff Chang, Chris Lee, Zhou Bichang, Fan Bingbing, Na Ying, Liu Huan, Jane Zhang, Nara Jiang, Lin Chiling, Huang Xiaoming and 106 Miss World participants have all made music here. As Jackie Chan said, “A-String Studio makes people not want to leave.”


Add: Beijing A-String Culture Spreading Co. Ltd., No. 2, Daqudeng Hutong, Art Gallery Back Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing (北京市东城区美术馆后街大取灯胡同2号) Tel: 010 8404 7687


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