B.B. Bomb (Taiwan)

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B.B. Bomb

B.B. Bomb (BB彈), all-girl punk band from Taichung, Taiwan



FuFu(Shu Pei), Guo Zhi Gi and never last guest Drummers


If you guys are expecting some really cute and sweet punk rock songs from these girls, then you should better just fuck off and go back watch your asian porn video and feel yourself up. BB Bomb is a Taiwanese girl band formed by FuFu(Shu Pei), Guo Zhi Gi and never last guest Drummers. They play a hurry up beat oi/street punk, with songs that make you want lift up your bottles and sing alone, or sometimes they make you want to go mosh and knock down the big man next to you. You get this power while these girls blasting into your ear in an aline bar, before you noticed, your beer is spreadind all over your skirt, and your hair is all messy up. Their lyrics seems always to be simple, and point out an idea, they dont try to be a smart ass within a bunch of lecture in their lyrics, they sing with their heart and say their words straight up. If you dont like it, I think these girls will tell you to "fcuk off" coz they dont play to please you!! BB bomb definitely open your eyes about Taiwan punk rock, while they present the new generation of youth in Taiwan, a generation full of ideas and who is not going to shut up and take your shit.

as taken from their MySpace account




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