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Photo by Yoshito Katori

Banana Monkey (香蕉猴子, xiāngjiāo hóuzi), Shanghai Rockabilly Garage band



Scream: Bono

Guitar Noise: Misuzu

Bass Noise: Lin-Feng, Li

Drums Sucker: Lon


Formed in 2006 by the members of the band Marrow.

On July 14th, the band performs in the Shuffle Music Bar in Shanghai and only one day later on July 15th, they support the band Nucleus in the Yu Yin Tang.

On August 12th they performed in the Yu Yin Tang and on August 30th in the Bonbon bar.

After joining the 1234 Beach Rock 2006 festival on September 17th, they performed on Sept. 30th in the Yu Yin Tang and at the same place again on November 10th.

On December 19th 2008, Banana Monkey reformed together with their event five dollar shakes.[1]

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