Beijing Band 2001 (VA)

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Beijing Band 2001


General Information

Artists: Various Artists

Label: self produced by Matthew Corbin Clark aka Kemaxiu

Recorded: 2000-2001

Released (US): 2003

Article: Birth of a Beijing Music Scene - The Making of BEIJING BAND 2001


  1. Happy Avenue - Daughter
  2. Wood pushing melon - Look But Dare Not Look
  3. Yao - Ping-Pong Party
  4. Ruins - Love Unbridled Creates A Life
  5. Glorious Pharmacy - Little Shadow
  6. Second Hand Rose Band - But I'm Still Singing
  7. Pioneers Club - Rock 'N' Roll Frogs
  8. River - You Pay!
  9. Tongue - The Painter
  10. Wild Children - Leave


Happy Avenue - Daughter

I don't know,

Who you,


I don't know,

Who you,


I guess you are a woman,

A woman just like me.

So many people on the street,

How do you know which one is your FATHER?

We buy you a lollipop,

And together GO BACK HOME.

Oh - be a good girl!

Be happy and be a good girl.

Oh - be a good girl!

Listen to your mom and be a good girl.






music / lyrics: Wu Hongfei

arrangement: Happy Avenue

vocals: Wu Hongfei

lead guitar: Geng Fang

rhythm guitar: Li Weiyan

drums: Tian Kun

bass: Jiang Rong

acoustic guitar: Kemaxiu


Wood pushing melon - Look But Dare Not Look

Oh! An unfamiliar room,

With an unfamiliar neighbor,

Is a hidden danger.

A breathless canal,

With reeds and water mingling,

Is an ambiguous parable.

The clouds kiss deeply,

And the neighbor is surprised,

By the lightning in his eye.

I stumble and duck my head,

Look but dare not look.


music / lyrics: Song Yuzhe

arrangement: Wood Pushing Melon

vocals / rhythm guitar: Song Yuzhe

lead guitar: Zhang Fangze

bass: Chen Chuangyuan

drums: Li Dan

keyboards: Wang Peng

backing vocals: Wood Pushing Melon / Kemaxiu


Yao - Ping-Pong Party

Why do I never see you clearly?

Why am I always numb and careless?

I see the complex relations in the splendid everything.

I see the beauty of the colorful world.

Night and day are endlessly spinning into one another.

The cycle of reproduction cannot be broken.

Excitement cannot go on forever.

Our flesh is still endlessly differentiating.

Where are our ideals?

Where are they?

Our ideals are here!!!!

Clothing cannot hide that delicate patch of skin.

Flip over the top to become the edge.

The line of the edge is now what was the side.

The top and the side is what everyone wants to see.


music / lyrics: Fang Ke

arrangement: YAO

vocals / guitar: Fang Ke

bass: Liang Wei

drums: Feng Yun

drum programming: Peng Fei

clean guitar: Kemaxiu


Ruins - Love Unbridled Creates A Life

The young moon hides in the bosom of the clouds,

With pleasure and delight.

The sun has faded,

But the clouds are enough.

A pure white joy,

Shining brightly.

Like an arrow's quiver,

Kissing deeply.

That place full of enticement,

Can deliver wellness.

Someone was with you last night,

Unbridled and created a life.

When mother earth's lips swell,

The sky sprays rainwater.



Creates a life.


music / lyrics: Zhou Yunshan

arrangement: Ruins / Kemaxiu

vocals / rhythm guitar: Zhou Yunshan

lead guitar: Zhou Shengjun

bass: Wang Chuanjiang

drums: Chen Kun


Glorious Pharmacy - Little Shadow

Thrill through the titillation you and he share,

Where breasts and penises are bouncing.

You fear someone understands you,

And won't relieve me,

So I go out on the razzle.

Finally I panic, lose my head, and run off.

And everyday when night falls I sing my song,

Walla, walla, walla, wa!!!

Until I become the panties you never change.

I will forgive you for the fist you plant in my face,

Because you and I are in the same pain,

That a single song cannot cure.

So I make my decision….

And everyday when night falls I sing my song,

Walla, walla, walla, wa!!!

Unless I become the panties you never change.

So, I stop and calm down,

Slowly, quietly….

But all this is just revenge against the daylight,

As I am small like a mouse,

Only in the night,

Stealing over your feet.


music / lyrics: He Guofeng

arrangement: Glorious Pharmacy

vocals / acoustic guitar / marimba / wine bottle: He Guofeng

bass: Ji Yue

drums: Zheng Zhiyong

keyboards: Wu Chunming

saxophone: Liang Jun

chinese drum / finger reeds: Kemaxiu


Second Hand Rose Band - But I'm Still Singing

Every time I don't want to get drunk, I get drunk.

Every time I don't want to sober up, I feel ashamed.

My melancholy is the solace you give.

My heart is as broken a person as you.

But I'm still singing.

But I'm still singing.


I can only sing like this.

I only want to sing like this.

If you feel life is unimaginable.

Then it's best we all become the same.

But I'm still singing.

I must cover my ears or what might I learn?

I must cover my eyes or what might I fear?

I must forfeit my conscience or what might I do?

I must deny my appetite or what might I get?

But I'm still singing.

But I'm still singing.



music / lyrics: Liang Long

arrangement: Second-Hand Rose / Kemaxiu

vocals / rhythm guitar: Liang Long

lead guitar: Wang Yuqi

bass: Sun Quanwu

sheng: He Yuan

drums: Cui Jingsheng

backing vocals: Kemaxiu

makeup artist: Bai Long


Pioneers Club - Rock 'N' Roll Frogs

Gua Gua Gua Gua Gua, Gua Gua Gua Gua Gua,

We are a bunch of cute rock 'n' roll frogs.

Gua Gua Gua Gua Gua, Gua Gua Gua Gua Gua,

We are a bunch of cute rock 'n' roll frogs.

A girl puts on a disguise and gazes around,

Behind her is a sign-shop.

Luck is floating on her cheeks,

But oh! oh! - Why a fever deep in her heart?

Such a strange situation today,

Outside the pavilion no cars or people.

Only this very beautiful pond,

And a gang of obedient frogs,

Contemplating along with her,

Who open their mouths and croak out a bubble,

But in fact they're so thirsty they only croak smoke.

She's so troubled by this that she braids her hair,

Hey! Look how you've messed-up your hair!

A baby bounces along on two little legs,

Like two little elastic bands.

With a huge head but no forehead,

His crinkled brow emits the smell of sweat.

One minute he's laughing, the next he's screaming,

Always running off and getting lost.

"Hooyoh! Hooyoh!" erupts the voice of a toy,

Saying the baby has a right to be like this.

You wanna dig? Dig!

You wanna skip? Skip!

But the bubble is about to burst,

Watch and see if the girl and the baby get along.

If us frogs had wings we'd fly away too!

Gua Gua Gua Gua Gua, Gua Gua Gua Gua Gua,

All this stuff, now we've seen everything.

Gua Gua Gua Gua Gua, Gua Gua Gua Gua Gua,

Playing the part of a trumpet,

Isn't as good as playing the part of a mute.


music / lyrics: Chen Ke

arrangement: Chen Ke / Kemaxiu

vocals / backing vocals / guitars: Chen Ke

bass: Sun Shu

drums: Yang Fan

percussion: Gu Wei

keyboards / backing vocals: Kemaxiu


River - You Pay!

Being short of cash ties us up.

Don't know where our next meal is coming from.

But you don't need to tremble like that.

We'll let you sit at the head of the table.

You don't need to run away - walk if you want.

We're a bit messed-up anyway.

Your being here is especially apt.

But, you can't understand it.

Because of our misfortune,

We won't even escape by sheer luck.

So for this meal,

You pay!


music / lyrics: Hong Guo

arrangement: River

vocals / rhythm guitar: Hong Guo

lead guitar: Qi Lin

bass: Yazi

drums: Chi Guoquan


Tongue - The Painter

This request is not even a little extreme.

The meat grinder is in operation now,

With one eye open and the other shut,

Climbs onto the grandly blueprinted toilet,

And in another's bed catches a louse.

Shiny coins and the national emblem looking in all directions,

Slide out from under the shadow of the sun.

The Shangfang Dagger and The Jade Seal,

Comfort the spermatozoa on the road.

Carnivores brokenhearted eating vegetables,

Happily lifting steel reinforcement bars.

Toys madly cranked-out over endless nights,

Are all now totally inspected.

He figures these things,

These things,

Are all that he deserves.

Long ago the hats and masks were plucked off.

Long ago the experience and lessons were forgotten.

Different wounds require comrades working hard together.

These days one hand is pulling-up the pants,

While the other hand is strangling the necks.

You are masturbating in front of an old man with no origin,

Clinging on to Buddha's foot as the riptide washes out.

A sideshow of episodic eras of coherence.

A shame nothing is really ready yet and just slides down the flagpole,

But by teaching through faulty example, you live on in the people's hearts.

Better to just admit that you yourself at that time were too small to meet any specific demands.

Looking back on it with one eye you slouch over.

In the end it can't hold back,

And simperingly pulls itself out,

And sprays a stylish ejaculate at us.

Let us stride ahead towards the things of simple humanity.

It painted the young girls' dresses.

It painted the young guys' Mao suits.

It painted the old mens' bifocals.

It painted the old ladies' pincushions.

It painted our youth.

It painted our spirit.

It painted our rhythm.

It painted our life.

It painted our devotion.

It painted our style.

It painted our crimes.

It painted our everything.


lyrics: Wu Tun

music: Tongue

arrangement: Tongue

vocals: Wu Tun

guitar: Zhu Xiaolong

guitar: Li Hongjun

bass: Wu Junde

keyboards: Guo Dagang

drums: Li Dan


Wild Children - Leave

We've arrived at such a good era.

People on the street busy rushing to the future.

They're inebriated, laughing and singing, and still complaining.

They've been dreaming of a good life for many years now.

We've arrived at such a good age.

Even more people soaked in mud without hope.

They borrow money to live in their own homes.

They dream about living the good lives others are living.

People and cars in all directions moving,

The red flag fluttering.

They stride along the avenues.

Neon lights glowing,

A scene of prosperity.

A girl's rouge intoxicating,

A fine wine's bouquet effervescing.

So I just put on my worn-out clothes and stand next to you.

So I just hold out my hand and get you to look at my poor appearance.

And you say I shouldn't destroy the nice scenery here.

So I just turn my head and leave such a good place.


music / lyrics: Zhang Quan / Xiao Suo

arrangement: Wild Children

vocals / lead guitar: Zhang Quan

vocals / rhythm guitar: Xiao Suo

bass: Li Zhengkai

chinese bongos: Chen Zhipeng

accordian: Zhang Wei

drums / djimbe: Kemaxiu