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DVD Cover

Beijing Bubbles DVD, a documentary about the punk and rock scene in Beijing (see Beijing Bubbles for main article)


General Information

Artist: VA
Title: Beijing Bubbles
Release Date: 2008, August 1
Label: Fly Fast Records
Type: 2 DVD + Book
Catalog No.:
Language: English, German, Chinese


DVD 1 - Beijing Bubbles - Punk & Rock in China's Capital - 82 min.

  • The Documentary (Original Cinema-Version) // A movie by George Lindt and Susanne Messmer (English, German // Subtitles: German, English, Chinese)

DVD 2 - Beijing Bubbles - How the story continued - 160 min.

The Book

  • Alternative Live Designs and Youth Cultures in China
    • An introduction to alternative live designs in China by Susanne Messmer
    • Rotten Punk in China: A travel diary by by Roll Holloway
    • China's first Beatnik by Karl Bruckmair
    • The long march: A history of Chinese rock music by Andreas Steen
    • Go east, old man - A text about getting old in China by Christian Y. Schmidt
  • Four Digressions Concerning Music, Literature, Fine Arts and Film
    • A portrait of the riot grrrl band Hang On The Box by Sonja Eismann
    • A portrait of the bestseller writer Han Han by Mark Siemons
    • A portrait of the filmmaker Jia Zhangke by Susanne Messmer
  • Behind the Scenes
    • We will keep right on filming by George Lindt
    • Cutting sites by Lucian Busse
    • New neighbours by Liu Donghong

Further Information