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The Beijing Jazz Festival (北京爵士音乐节; Běijīng Juéshì Yīnyuè Jié) is China's first and largest jazz festival. It was founded in 1993 by Udo Hoffmann, a German national living in China.

General information

The festival was held in Beijing from 1993 to 1999, with a seven-year hiatus. The festival returns to Beijing from September 21 to 23, 2007, and will take place outdoors in Haidian Park, in Beijing's northwestern Haidian District. The 2007 festival will be a cooperative effort between the Beijing Midi School of Music and Beijing Midi Productions.

The festival features jazz musicians from China and around the world. Performers have included the U.S. jazz musicians as Wynton Marsalis and Jon Jang, as well as many artists and groups from Scandinavia.

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taken from official promotion pages of Midi School:

In 2007, Beijing Jazz Festivaltook place from September 21st to the 23rd in Hai Dian Park . This was the 3rd successful time that festival has taken place. The Festival, which is a cooperative effort of the Beijing Midi School of Music and Beijing Midi Productions, is proud to presented 16 Chinese and 16 international bands performing over 3 days of outdoor performance.

This year the festival was composed of two different stages, the White stage and the Blue stage. Blue stage performances feature the festivals more traditional performers playing a wide range of styles such as, Standard jazz, Swing, Cool jazz and Be-bop. The White stage was dedicated to more modern styles of Jazz and World Music, such as Fusion, Latin, Flamenco, Rhythm & Blues and Funk. In addition to music, the White stage also had all area for dancing!

Sponsor: Beijing Midi School of Music

Organizer: Beijing Midi Productions

Co-sponsors: Beijing Cervantes Institute, the Embassy of Denmark, Danish Art Council, Danish Cultural Institute, Danish Arts Agencies, Danish Jazz Federations, Danish Radio, Copenhagen Concerts, Beijing Andersen Cultural Center, the Embassy of Norway, the Embassy of Iceland, the Embassy of Sweden, the Finland National Art Committee, Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, City of Bergen, Norwegian Arts Council, Innovation Norway, Barco, Gibson, AKG, Myspace China.

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