Beijing Jazz Festival 2007

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Beijing Jazz Festival 2007


General information

Time: 2007 September 21st-23rd

Address: Beijing Haidian Park


Tel: 010 62590101 62590007


Beijing Jazz Festival will take place this year from September 21st to the 23rd in Haidian Park. This will be the 8th successful time that festival has taken place. The Festival, which is a cooperative effort of the Beijing Midi School of Music and Beijing Midi Productions, is proud to present 14 Chinese and 16 international acts performing over 3 days of outdoor performance.

This year the festival will be composed of two different stages, the White stage and the Blue stage. Bluge stage performances will feature the festivals more traditional performers playing a wide range of styles such as, Standard jazz, Swing, Cool jazz and Be-bop. The White stage will be dedicated to more modern styles of Jazz and World Music, such as Fusion, Latin, Flamenco, Rhythm & Blues and Funk. In addition to music, the White stage will also have all area for dancing!

Sponsor: Beijing Midi School of Music

Partners: Beijing Midi Productions

Co-sponsors: Beijing Cervantes Institute, the Embassy of Danmark, Danish Art Council, Danish Cultural Institute, Danish Arts Agencies, Danish Jazz Federations, Danish Radio,Copenhagen Concerts,Beijing Andersen Cultural Center, the Embassy of Norway, the Embassy of Iceland, the Embassy of Sweden, the Finland National Art Committee, Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, City of Bergen, Norwegian Arts Council, Innovation Norway, Barco, Gibson, AKG,Sky Music

Official Hotel: MARCO POLO PARKSIDE The Network Co-sponsors: New Wave Music, Tencent Music, Myspace China

Cooperative Unit: The Tencent Rock'n Roll Channel, Tour’s Movement Rhythm TV, National Radio FM101.8 and HIT FM 88.7

Unit Creation: The XinTai Cultural Development Company, Highland Music, Ghost Rock'n Roll, TuAo, the Star Monthly Company

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刘元爵士乐队 Liu Yuan Jazz Group

金佛爵士小组 Golden Buddha Jazz Unit

金浩与朋友对话 Jin Hao With His Friends

露 - 电子三重奏 The Dew Electrio

团结湖 Tuang Jie Hu Groove

张岭和神奇四侠 Zhang Ling and the Fab Four Knights

劳伦斯爵士七重奏 Lawrence Ku Septet

张盈爵士小组 Zhang Ying Jazz Group

沙子 Sand

丛林猫 Junglecat

The Verse


SambAsia Beijing

刘玥爵士三重奏 Liu Yue Jazz Trio

Donny McCaslin Jazz Quartet (美国)

Yahle (西班牙)

Jaume Vilaseca Quartet (西班牙)

Acoustic Sense (丹麦)

Jens Winther Quintet (丹麦)

The Ladies Sing the Beatles (丹麦)

Schack Mates (丹麦)

Sofia Jannok (瑞典)

Anna Nygren (瑞典)

Dag Arnesen Trio (挪威)

Excess Luggage Trio (挪威)

Jacob Young Group (挪威)

The Legendary Twins (冰岛)

Black Cat Bone (加拿大\美国)

Abigail Washburn和她的朋友(美国)

Tube Factory (芬兰)

Beijing Jazz Bar Event

CD Café

16th.Sun. 21:30 Jens Winther Quartet

20th.Thu. 21:30 Yannick Rieu Trio

21st .Fri. 21:30 Acoustic Sense

22th.Sat. 21:30 Pekka and His Tube Factory

23rd.Sun. 21:30 Schack Mates

24th.Mon. 21:30 The Ladies Sing Beatles

East Shore

20st.Thu. 21:30 Jens Winther Quintet

21st.Fri. 21:30 Yannick Rieu Trio

The Bank Lounge & Club

23rd Sun. 21:30 The Ladies Sing Beatles

24th Mon. 21:30 Acoustic Sense

25th Tue. 21:30 Yahle

26th.Fir 21:30 The verse

Marco Polo Hotel Lounge

19th.Wed. 20:45 Jens Winther Quartet

20th.Thu. 20:45 The Ladies Sing Beatles

22th.Sat. 20:45 Yannick Rieu Trio

23rd.Sun. 20:45 Acoustic Sense

24th.Mon. 20:45 Yahle

25th.Tue. 20:45 Jaume Vilaseca


23rd.Sun. 20:45 Pekka and His Tube Factory

BeiJing University

22th.sat. 19:00 Sofia Jannok / Excess Luggage Trio