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Location & Directions for Beijing Midi Music Festival 2011


Location Map

Guide Map of 2011 Midi - final small.jpg
  • A:音乐节公路出口 Festival Highway Exit
  • B:公共停车场入口 Public Parking Entrance
  • C:工作车辆入口 Operational Vehicles Entrance
  • D: 工作车辆出口 Operational Vehicles Exit
  • E:主入口安全布点 Main Entrance Security Stationing
  • F:应急出口 Emergency Hatch
  • G:铁路桥头安全布点 Railway Bridgehead Security Stationing
  • H:铁路桥头安全布点 Railway Bridgehead Security Stationing
  • I:宋舞台安全布点 Song Stage Security Stationing
  • J:芥末舞台安全布点 Jam Stage Security Stationing
  • K:唐舞台安全布点 Tang Stage Security Stationing
  • L:焱舞台安全布点 Electronic Stage Security Stationing
  • M:观众出口 Spectator Exit
  • N:公共停车场及观众出口 Public Parking & Spectator Exit
  • O:公路入口 Festival Highway Entrance
  • Q:场灯 Site Lights
  • R:观众安检入口 Security Check Entrance for Visitors
  • S:河滩 River bed
  • P1:专用停车场 Reserved Parking Lot
  • P2:公共停车场 Public Parking Lot

Directions to the Festival

Midi Festival will be held at Jinglang Island, in Mentougou District, Beijing (北京市门头沟京浪岛公园).

Tips: English name of Mentougou District is "Metal Go!", : P, meanwhile it is also the slogan of Beijing Midi 2011!

Beijing Midi 2011 Route Map.jpg

Arriving from outside Beijing

From any railway stations and airports in Beijing, go get onto the nearest Subway and change onto Line 1 and stop at Pingguoyuan Station.

Getting there by Subway:

Get out at Exit D (south exit) of Line 1's Pingguoyuan Station to get a bus.

Getting there by Bus:

Route A: Midi Shuttle Bus: Pingguoyuan Station (Line 1) --> Midi Bus --> Festival Area (one way: 5 RMB)

Tips: Midi shuttle buses are available in 10:00 - 17:00, 20:00 - 22:00 during festival period, last train of Line 1 will send off at 22:55 every night.

Route B: Get on line 992, 931专, 370, 336, 977, 959, 948, 931 at Exit D (same side of the road) to Xinqiao Dajie (新桥大街) Station, transfer to No.383 bus, alight at Shuinichang (水泥厂) Station, and then walk forward 300 meters.

Route C: Get on line 977 at Exit D (same side of the road) to Sanjiadian back street (三家店后街), and then get off walk forward 300 meters.

Route D: Get on line Yuntong 101 (运通101) to Xinqiao Dajie Avenue (新桥大街), Mentougou District (门头沟), transfer to No.383 bus, alight at Shuinichang (水泥厂) Station, and then walk forward 300 meters.

Tips: Last bus of No.383 will send off at 22:00, last train of Line 1 will send off at 22:55 every night.

Getting there by car/taxi

Route A: Fushi Rd.(阜石路) (viaduct) --> West 6th Ring (freeway toll: 5 RMB) --> Exit 47 (Jingla Rd.京拉路, Junzhuang 军庄) --> Festival Area

Route B: Fushi Rd.(阜石路) (viaduct) --> Shidan Rd.(石担路) --> Binhe Rd.(滨河路) --> Shuizha Rd.(水闸路) --> West 6th Ring Side Rd. --> Festival Area


There are some farmers’ houses, hotels, mountain villas for fans to stay the night, you’d better book in advance, details please contact the hotels.

Beijing Dragonspring Hotel


  • Add: 21#, Shuizha North Rd., Mentougou District 北京市门头沟区水闸北路21号
  • Tel: 010-69843366, 4007161988
  • Price: RMB 365 for 2

Lanlong Hotel


  • Add: 47#, Chengzidajie Street, Mentougou District 北京市门头沟区城子大街47号
  • Tel: 010-69853452/345
  • Price: RMB 120 -158 for 2

Yalan Hotel


  • Add: 48#北京市门头沟区城子大街48号
  • Tel: 010-69842194
  • Price: RMB 150 for 2

Geological Exploration Crew Hostel


  • Add:24#, Mentougou Rd., Mentougou District 北京市门头沟区门头沟路24号
  • Tel: 010-69842872
  • Price: RMB 120 for 2

Beijing North Start Business Linkage Hotel


  • Add: 42#, Sanjiadian East Rd., Mentougou District 北京市门头沟区三家店东街42号
  • Tel: 010-61811188

Beijing Baihua Super 8 Hotel


  • Add: 5#, Xinqiaodajie Street, Mentougou District 北京市门头沟区新桥大街35号
  • Tel: 010-69829988 010-69842010
  • Price: RMB 258 for 2

Green Tree Inn


  • Add: 39-2, Shuangyu Rd., Mentougou District 北京门头沟区双峪路39-2号
  • Tel: 010-69856900

Beijing Guan Grange


  • Add: 23#, Longjiazhuang Stage, Miaofengzhen Town 北京市妙峰山镇陇驾庄戏台23号
  • Tel: 010-61880133

Beijing Xishan Membership Center


  • Add: Shitou Rd., Shijingshan District 北京市石景山区黑石头路
  • Tel: 010-51510655

Delicacies (Yummy!)

2011 Midi Music Festival settled in Jinglang Island Park, Mentougou District, so did those delicious food! Catering area locates at the opposite of main stage Tang Stage, you will be fascinated by those delicacies from the whole nation, or even overseas! Such as French Dip Sandwich & Salad, Taiwan snack, Chinese donkey sandwich, spicy hot crab, Chaozhou beef balls, Goubuli stuffed buns, hot and sour rice noodles, Spanish churros, authentic American donuts, old Beijing fried enema, quick boiled tripe, cold noodles, oden, Guizhou rice noodles in snail soup, hot-and-dry noodles, hot-dogs, takoyaki and more! Of course, Midi traditional BBQ kebab will never miss it! In lawn cultural leisure area, like what we did last year, frozen yoghurt is on the service for girls and kids! Authentic American donuts pavilion is just on the side, you have more than 20 sweets choices!

This year, UBC Coffee joined into alliance at Midi Music Festival. They will offer an Experience Section, with the refreshing music, you can sit in a sling chair or on the grass, enjoying a cup of mellow-taste coffee, having muffins or pasta, simply relax on your music holiday.


Midi have been always attached great importance to environmental protection, here we specially reminded you that enjoy the food, meanwhile, please KEEP CLEAN and throw all your wastes into trash cans! We hope you a wonderful music festival!

P.S. near the park, there are also some good restaurants, such as old Beijing noodles with fried brown sauce paste, hotpots, Guizhou fish in sour soup, Dongbei Longquan rural community, Yiminju restaurant etc.

Festival Tips

  • Please buy your tickets at nominated ticket counter in the site, BEWARE OF FAKE TICKETS!
  • Children below 1.2 meters can get in free of charge. People with children and babies, welcome to participate in our Kids’Midi.
  • Before you enter the site, there will be security check, please obey rules and regulations of Midi Music Festival security management.
  • During May Day Holidays, there will be large temperature differences day and night in Beijing, please pay attention to the cold-resistance to maintain warmth, better carry rain gear.
  • It takes about 30 min walking from Jinglang Island Park to commercial district of Sanjiadian, along the way you can find some convenience stores to supply food and beverage.
  • Fans teamed up through Midi/Douban forums can go together in order to save expenses, but please take care, if any emergency comes out, call police 110 for help.