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Location & Directions for Beijing Midi Music Festival 2012

Festival Map from 2010, to be updated soon!!!


Directions to the Festival

Midi Festival will be held at Haidian park.

The park’s address is 2 Xin Jian Gong Men Lu, Haidian, Beijing.

Getting there by Bus:

To get to Haidian park, you can take either the 302、904、933支、933、973、362、384、特5、817、725、708、992、996、运通108 to Fu Rong Li station.

Or you can take the 740 740内、740外、735、835、840内、840外、751、982、983 to Haidian Qiao station.

Getting there by car/taxi

Take the north 4th ring (better coming from east, heading west) and exit after passing the Haidian Qiao Bridge (at the Wang He Qiao Bridge) heading north (towards Summer Palace), make a U-turn under the next bridge, get onto the side road and go further south wards until you reach the giant rocket and the main parking place of Haidian Park.

After passing by the parking place of the METRO Super Market you can turn right towards the main entrance or heas a bit further south wards for more parking space.

Haidian Park will provide enough parking space at east gate and also at the main entrance (North Gate!) and on the north side outside of the park.

Arriving from outside Beijing

Beijing railway station

Get on the 808 bus at the railway station and take it to Bai Shi Qiao station and transfer there to the 特5 bus, which you should take to Fu Rong Li station.

After arriving at the Beijing Railway station you can take the subway to Xi Zhi Men and leave the subway station at the southwest exit and take the 904 bus to Fu Rong Li.

How to get to Haidian park from Beijing west railway station

Get on the 374 Bus at the Beijing west railway station to Wan Quan Zhuang station. Transfer there to the 933 bus to Fu Rong Li station.

Get on the 320 Bus at Beijing west station to RenMing University and transfer there to the 302 Bus to Fu Rong Li station.

Go to Haidian Park by subway

Take Line 4 to Xi Yuan (西苑) Station and walk 15 minutes south from south east exit. Or take Line 4 to Yuan Ming Yuan and take the 664 bus to 西苑医院

Take Line 10 to Su Zhou Jie Station and go further by taxi (ca. 15 RMB)