Black Market Music Compilation 2012 (VA)

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General information

Black Market Music Compilation 2012
Artist Various Artists
English title Black Market Music Compilation 2012
Chinese Title 黑市音乐特辑2012
Publisher Black Market Music Production
Date of release 2013 exactly on 2013/01/05
Total Discs 2
Total Tracks 30
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Black Market Music Compilation 2012

The Black Martket Music Compilation 2012 is the second compilation from Black Market Music Production and it features a total of 30 artists from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Some tracks are exclusively recorded for the compilation. It followed the Taiwan Calling 2012 in Hong Kong when the Taiwan acts would perform in Hong Kong over two days with the only Hong Kong band Velvette Vendetta.

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. 椰子/口水歌-
  2. Random 隨性/給頭家的話-
  3. InDie Famous/理由-
  4. Mary See the Future/Cheer (Winter)
  5. 激膚樂團/Bloody Tale
  6. 飢餓藝術家/頹
  7. 南瓜妮歌迷俱樂部/昆德拉
  8. The Endless Release/When Are You Gonna Get Out?
  9. 神棍樂團/你有多久沒有看看天空
  10. 大象體操/日常的航道
  11. PiA樂團/Dalala
  12. 山東/隔壁的小酒館
  13. 橙草/赤空
  14. 聲子蟲/送往繁星
  15. 八十八顆芭樂籽/腎上腺素之歌 (Live)

Disc 2

  1. D O W N E R/Swallow
  2. Room Torrent/Sunset
  3. D'in Cheung/藉口
  4. 謝芊彤/倔強
  5. The3Think/還是你
  6. The Time Traveller/春天不見了
  7. Ultrapink/同志
  8. Velvette Vendetta/Happy Beginning For A Sad End
  9. Fall To Fly/迷宮
  10. Forget The G/曲
  11. Peri M/目送
  12. The Lee's/Sad Rocket
  13. WhyOceans/Darkneige
  14. Evade/尋找佛洛依德的虛無飄渺
  15. Serrini/生日快樂嗎