Blood Sacrifice Shaman (Tengger Cavalry)

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General Information

Artist: Tengger Cavalry
Title: 血祭萨满 / Blood Sacrifice Shaman
Release Date: 2010, September 18th
Label: Dying Art Underground Production
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: BN 022
Language: ---
ISRC: ---
Credits: ---

Track Listing

  1. 戈壁路 / Desert Road
  2. 长生天铁骑 / Tengger Cavalry
  3. 蟒古斯 / Python
  4. 狼血 / Wolf Blood
  5. 血祭萨满 / Blood Sacrifice Shaman
  6. 狼祭 / Wolf Totem
  7. 苏勒得 / Senki
  8. 英雄 / Hero
  9. 天葬 / Celestial Burial
  10. 蒙古人 / Bonus


  • The Daily Rock (c) November 2011

This had to come sooner or later. Viking/Celtic metal releases have dominated the folk metal genre, largely marginalizing other great warrior cultures due to the glut of Euro-themed bands. As mentioned earlier on Invisible Oranges, many maintain that the internet threatens the sanctity of local scenes by replacing regional sounds with polyglot conglomerations that are directly influenced by globalization. However, thankfully, we may still have some hope for regional sounds in the censorship-laden Northeast Asian metal scene, from which Inner Mongolia’s Tengger Cavalry hail. With less internet freedom than their Japanese/Southern Chinese neighbors, less access to quality instruments or recording technology, and with a culture that prides itself on conformity and tradition, this scene would appear to have retained a certain sense of identity that more open scenes, such as those of America or Europe, appear to be lacking.

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  • Lord of Metal (c) December 2011

Koen: Tengger Cavalry is a one man army Mongolian spiritualist pagan metal project that is influenced by Mongolian cultures. Mr. Nature (also in Hell Savior) plays all instruments and vocals and he mixes lots of heavy metal elements with traditional Mongolian folk elements and shaman music components. For instruments he uses horse head fiddle, Tibet and Mongol throat, Buddhist bells and of course some traditional heavy metal instruments like guitars, bass and drums!

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Further Information

  • Normal version limited to 400 copies
  • Special version limited to 100 copies including a T-Shirt, CD, MCD and a Poster
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  • Review by Murk (dyingart)
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  • Myspace blog
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