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General information

CD Cafe
City Beijing
Address No16 Dongsanhuan North Road, 北京朝阳区东三环北路农业展览馆南侧过街天桥旁
Geographical Location 39° 56' 6" N, 116° 27' 44" E
Phone 00861065068288
Active 1995 -

CD Café, also known as CD Jazz Cafe,

Beijing jazz and underground music venue close to San Li Tun, first opened by Cui Jian's saxophonist Liu Yuan.

CD Cafe has been a very active live venue for all kinds of music, but the whole complex of the early days has been divided into two separate bars. CD Cafe remained a small but good venue for blues and jazz, the other part turned into a small stage for rather rock stuff, but it seems that they don't do too much live gigs at all these days.

Opening Time

Mon - Sun 6:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m.


In 1995, Mr.Hu – who used to play trumpet and a true music lover – opened the very first CD Café later known as CD Blues Café & Bar, which was warmly embraced by the small but vivid Beijing jazz scene, since it gave a stage to local talents and bands. The jazz club is recently owned and bring alive by a famous Chinese blues musician, singer and bass player Zhang Ling, who is also known as Big John.

The club is in the adjoining building, with a small stage, a bar and little tables – not much to say about it other than that it seems perfect for a genuine jazz & blues evening with a glass of wine, or whiskey…or whatever makes you swing. There is free live music on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays (9.30pm till late) .and mixed best-of sessions with an admission fee on Fridays and Saturdays, (10pm¬). CD Blues Café & Bar which is decked out in jazz music memorabilia was founded by a local horn player Liu Yuan who tours with Cui Jian, the Beijing based, Korea-born artist who is considered to be godfather of Chinese rock music for he was the first artist to write rock songs in Chinese. And now the legendary story continues with Big John who had also been with Cui Jian’s band for over ten years, taking over the 15 year old jazz joint, making it a new trend but yet with the good old spirit of jazz and down home blues café & bar. Initially CD Café used to feature all kinds of music styles but today this cozy, dimly-lit, rather low key club almost exclusively hosts blues and jazz performances.

Best place to go see improvisational jazz& blues music in town. Musicians play on a small stage within a great jazz joint feeling room. Tables and chairs bump up against the stage so be careful when the musicians clear their instruments. Food and drink can be delivered to your table too.


  • 地址: 北京朝阳区东三环北路农业展览馆南侧过街天桥旁
  • Address: No16 Dongsanhuan North Road, south of the main gate of Agricultural Exhibition Centre. Chaoyang District .Beijing China
  • Tel: 010-65068288
  • Email:
  • Contact: Mr. Star Liu
  • Mobile: 13683065227
  • CD BLUES JAZZ Cafe bar 中区布鲁斯现场音乐酒吧

If you are at the ChangHongQiao Bridge on the 3rd Ring Road, head north and before you reach the next NongZhanQiao Bridge you will see a small cross road bridge for foot walkers, under that small bridge is the entrance for both bars.

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