CHINOPERL Papers No. 18 (1995)

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CHINOPERL Papers No. 18 (1995)
Publication CHINOPERL
Issue No. 18
Date of publication 1995

Focus Topics

In this magazine issue, especially the following entities are being called out:

Chinese Opera, Theatre


The following keywords apply for this magazine:



Obituary: Wu Xiaoling

  • Vibeke Børdahl: Narrative Voices in Yangzhou Storytelling
  • Wenwei Du: Xuetou: Comic Elements as Social Commentary in the Suzhou Pinghua Storytelling
  • Richard Van Ness Simmons: The Oral Transmission of a Late-Nineteenth Century Harngjou Lyric
  • Kimberly Besio: Enacting Loyalty: History and Theatricality in The Peach Orchard Pledge
  • Yao Yao: From Performance to Text: Combat Format on Stage and Combat Descriptions in Fiction
  • Lindy Li Mark: Food, Political Satire, Two Themes in Sichuan Mulian Ritual Drama: the 1993 Symposium Performance
  • Ch’iu-Kuei Wang: Studies in Chinese ritual and Ritual Theater: A Bibliographical Report
  • Fan Pen Chen: A Chinese-English Dictionary of Enigmatic Folk Similes (Xiehouyu), by John Rosenow. Book Review
  • Grace Wiersma: South of the Clouds: Tales from Yunnan, edited by Lucien Miller. Book Review