CHINOPERL Papers No. 19 (1996)

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CHINOPERL Papers No. 19 (1996)
Publication CHINOPERL
Issue No. 19
Date of publication 1996

Focus Topics

In this magazine issue, especially the following entities are being called out:

Chinese Opera, Theatre


The following keywords apply for this magazine:



  • Peter Li: Lao She and Chinese Folk Literature
  • Mark Bender: Keys to Performance in Kunming Storytelling
  • Qin Shao: The Mismatch; Ouyang Yuqian and Theater Report in Nantong, 1919–1922
  • Michelle Dibello: Longing for Worldly Pleasures: An Example of the Sacred vs. the Profane in Contemporary Chinese Drama
  • Colin Mackerras: Chinese Traditional Theater: A Revival in the 1990s?
  • Peter Mimic (translator): Pop Music Commands a Huge Audience Today: An Interview with the Young Composer Li Lifu
  • Katherine Carlitz: Ritual and Scripture in Chinese Popular Religion: Five Studies, edited by David Johnson. Book Review
  • Lindy Li Mark: International Workshop on Oral Literature in Modern China, Copenhagen, August 29–31, 1996. Conference Report