Cafe pour deux (Mademoiselle et son Orchestre)

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General information

Cafe pour deux / 两人的咖啡
Artist Mademoiselle et son Orchestre
English title Cafe pour deux / 两人的咖啡
Date of release 2010
Release Type CD
Catalogue Number 9787881012469
Languages on Record French
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Track Listing

  1. Café pour deux
  2. La Complainte des filles de joie
  3. La Javanaise
  4. Adverbe d’un mensonge
  5. Les bêtises
  6. Johnny, tu n'es pas un ange
  7. Le poinçonneur des lilas
  8. C’que t’es belle
  9. La Promesse
  10. Maigrir
  11. Maman, Papa
  12. Padam... Padam...
  13. Je t'aime à en crever
  14. Colombarium
  15. Belleville Rendez-vous
  16. Bulles


  • Beijing Daze (c) December 2012

Being a purist, I was a bit apprehensive about the covers but I must recognize that justice was done. On “La Complainte des filles de joie”, a Brassens original, Marie-Claude and Vincent do an admirable job dueting. It’s playful and witty, an original take on an real classic. The title track, “un cafe pour deux”, is a Mademoiselle original that belongs right up there with the covers. The quality of the songwriting, the play with words and the imagery showcase the band’s potential. I look forward to more of their songs. Overall, the band’s talent is incontestable. They’re veterans of the music scene with years of experience under their belts and can hold their own even when sharing the same stage as world class performers like Olivia Ruiz.

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Further Information

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