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Chen Wei

Chen Wei (陈维), aka sic, Hangzhou-based sound artist



CHEN Wei is a sound artist and the co-founder of 2pi Records, an independent experimental label based in Hangzhou, China. He played in the avant-rock group Second Skin before starting to pursue his career as a sound artist. In 2003 and 2004 Chen co-organized and performed at the 2pi Festivals, which has since become the most important experimental music festival in Mainland China. In 2005, Chen, together with Jin Shan, started to perform as a multimedia duo named "Livescope."


2006.11: The Fourth 2pi Festival, CICI, Hangzhou, China

2005.12: GIFT - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hangzhou, China (video installation with JIN Shan)

2005.11: 2pi Festival 2005, Hangzhou, China (as Livescope duo with JIN Shan)

2005.9: Four Seasons tour, Shanghai/Beijing, China (with Justin Zhong, WANG Changcun and JIN Shan)

2005.5: Chu Shen - 12-hour Audio-Visual Performance, Shanghai, China

2004.11: 2pi Festival 2004, Hangzhou, China

2004: Domestic Violence #2, Hangzhou, China

2003.12: TomeClub Exhibition ver. 2

2003.11: 2pi Festival 2003, Hangzhou, China

2003, Bai Ta Ling Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Hangzhou, China


2006.10: Awakening Battersea at China Power Station part I, Battersea Power Station, London.


2005: Four Seasons [v.a.] (Artscope)

2004: Qian Jing Sheng 前京声, solo album, CDR

2003: Pour Water 分水 (with JIN Shan & Yin Shi) (2pi Records)

2003: Cancer Building (with LI Jianhong) (TomeClub)

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