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General Information

Artist: Various Artists
Title: China Fire I
Release Date: 1992, December (first edition as tape & CD)
1996 (re-release as CD)
Label: 滾石有声出版社有限公司
Type: Tape & CD
Catalog No.: Z427064 (Tape)
RD1188 (CD)
RD-1168,ISRC-CN-A50-96-0005-0/A・J6 (Re-release)

Track Listing

  1. Zhang Chu - 姐姐 jiějie / (older) Sister
  2. The Face - 給我一点愛 gěi wǒ yī dian ài / Give me some love
  3. ADO Band - 我不能随便説 wǒ bùnéng suíbiàn shuo / I say what I want
  4. Zhao Gang - Waiting for You Forever
  5. Anodized - Searchin for your life
  6. Red Army - Being tried
  7. Black Panther - Don't Ruin It
  8. Self Education - Dry your tears
  9. Tang Dynasty - Soaring Bird


(c) Jack Tang (4.5 out of 5 stars)

A true classic, China Fire gathers many true talents in Chinese rock. There are many big- name bands: Hei Bao, Tang Dynasty, ADO, and also other little-known artists (at the time): The Face, Zhang Chu, Zhao Gang, etc. This album captures the best of rock music in Beijing in '92. The styles are diverse, ranging from metal to folk. From the touching and folkish "Sister" by Zhang Chu, to Hei Bao's anti-war anthem "Don't Ruin It", to "Tiresome", a vivid reflection of hopelessness and desires of the younger generation, by Red Troops, the entire album shines with genuine creativity and talent. The only drawback of the album is the inclusion of the English song "Searchin' for Your Life" by Anodized. The song sounds like a replica of some American '80s hard rock song, both the lyric and the music are filled with clich? and the lead singer sings with a Cantonese accent. The track feels really out of place for an otherwise execellent album.

What's great:

The gathering of great bands with great music, a taste of the colorful and powerful world of Chinese rock in '92. A true classic.

What's no-so-great:

The inclusion of "Searching' for Your Life" by Anodize. The album would be better off without it.


Further Information

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