Chinese-German Music Nights June 2009

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Chinese-German Music Nights June 2009

in Beijing with Doro, Deine Lakaien, Suidakra, Fotos, Kira, Klee, Panik, Vorzeigekinder, Torpedo Boyz, The Frogs, Muma, Wang Xiaokun on 3 shows both in Starlive and Yugong Yishan, for free entrance!

Goethe's Sommernächte in Peking •Berliner Nacht der Musik •Pop–Rock Musikfest Konzert 14/16/17/18.06.2009, 20:00-00:00 The Star Live Club, 3rd Floor, No.79,Hepingli Xijie Str. Yugong Yishan Club, No.3-2 Zhang Zhizhong Str.

In Zusammenarbeit mit „Deutschland und China – Gemeinsam in Bewegung"

Organisation: Goethe-Institut Peking, QingFX Culture Co. Kooperation: Projekt „Deutschland und China- gemeinsam in Bewegung“ Spezial Partner: China Mobile, Towndoor Co. , Berliner Flughäfen, Berlin Tourismus Marketing, INITIATIVE MUSIC GMBH Dank: Pankiller, Sennheiser, Hainan Airlines, Lufthansa


Concert Dates

in Beijing

Towndoor chinesische-deutsche Musiknacht

14.06.2009 20:00 - 00:00 Starlive

Artists: Doro Pesch, Torpedo Boyz, Fotos

Special Guest: Wang Xiaokun, The Frogs

VIP Registration with Ticket (limited to 500)

16.06.2009 20:00 - 00:00 Yugong Yishan

Artists: Suidakra, Kira, Vorzeigekinder

Free Entrance (no registration needed)

17.06.2009 20:00 - 00:00 Yugong Yishan

Artists: Panik, Klee

Free Entrance (no registration needed)

18.06.2009 20:00 - 00:00 Yugong Yishan

Artists: Deine Lakaien

Special Guest: Muma & Third Party

Free Entrance (no registration needed)

in Shanghai

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Tickets: 80 RMB at door / 60 RMB advance

Venue: Soma Live Zhi Jiang Dream Factory, 4/F Building B. 28 Yuyao Lu, inside Tong Le Fang
芷江梦工厂 上海市静安区余姚路28号B座4楼 同乐坊内10号楼 (近西康路)
Phone: 021-62277332, 52135086, 52135223

German Tunes For Chinese Ears

17.06.2009 9:30 pm

Artists: Suidakra

Special Guests: Chaos Mind, Six Shot (六面兽), October Capricorn (十月摩羯)

Style: Metal

18.06.2009 9:30 pm

Artists: Vorzeigekinder

Special Guests: Little Nature (小自然), Loud Speaker (扩音器)

Style: Punk

19.06.2009 9:30 pm

Artists: Kira

Special Guests: The Honeys (甜蜜男孩), Zhong Chi (种茌)

Style: Indie

Further Information