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The Chinese Musicians Association (中国音乐家协会; pinyin: Zhōngguó Yīnyuèjiā Xiéhuì; abbreviated CMA) is China's largest and most important musical organization. It was established in July 1949 and currently has 8000 members.

According to its website, the association's responsibilities include "contact, coordination, and service." The association promotes new musical composition, organizes music competitions, provides rewards and commendations for prominent musical contributions, and sponsors musical research. It also carries out musical exchange between China and other countries including: introducing Chinese music to the world, bringing internationally acclaimed musicians and music groups to China, selecting Chinese musicians to participate in international music competitions.

The Chinese Musicians Association publishes several professional periodicals and publishes audio and video recordings.

The Chinese Musicians' Association maintains nine specialized committees and multiple secondary academic societies. The association's subordinate organizations include Chinese Traditional Music Society, Chinese National Orchestral Music society, Chinese Ethnic Minorities Vocal Music Society, Chinese Musical Aesthetics Society, Chinese Musical Literature Society, Nie Er and Xian Xinghai Society.

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