Coming Down To Beijing (Brain Failure)

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General Information

Artist: Brain Failure
Title: 欢迎来到北京 (huānyíng láidào Běijīng) / Coming Down To Beijing
Release Date: 2007, March 23
Label: Bad News Records
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:
Language: English

Track Listing

  1. Coming Down To Beijing
  2. KTV
  3. The Party's Down
  4. Call the Police
  5. Living in the City
  6. Sail
  7. No Dirty Punx
  8. My Simple Life!
  9. 2008
  10. Digging in Your Nails


  • (c) that's Beijing Blog, Berwin Song, May 31, 2007

Finally, a domestic Modern Sky release for the prodigal punk sons of Beijing, Brain Failure – but don’t get too excited, the key word here is “domestic.” All the songs on Coming Down to Beijing can be found, same order and all, on their 2003 debut on Bad News Records, Turn on the Distortion!, with the exception of a random track from the Boston ska band Big D and the Kids Table tagged on at the end (but that, in turn, can be found on the Bad News compilation Beijing to Boston, which also happens to feature Brain Failure).

Okay, so it didn’t take a lot of effort, but that’s what happens in a market that sells CDs for about two bucks – we need special, domesticated releases. Certainly, Brain Failure is big news for Beijing: a group of homegrown punks that actually made it, albeit on a foreign record label, with their music available on Amazon and double bills with headliners most people know of. Theirs is local music that needs to be heard locally (and who better to facilitate that than Modern Sky?). Even with high-schooler tracks dating back to 2002, there’s no denying their punk greatness: the distortion snarls, the basslines ring clear, and the melodies skank – even the Chinglish is bearable, thanks to a belligerent slur that’s spot-on Social Distortion and the classic call-and-response yelling that sounds good in any punk arrangement. The title track makes for as good an anthem as the capital city’s ever had, and with production by Ken Casey (of the Dropkick Murphys), Brain Failure prove they can stand up to – or get right up in the face of – Western standards. So say it proud: B, E, I … J-I-N-G!


  • (c) 8 Inches Productions, Ian Sherman

Brain Failure don’t much care for music made after 1985, as is made abundantly clear on their new album. If we, for a moment, were to equate music with ice cream, this album would be raspberry ripple – traditional, no frills, bedrock stuff. The vanilla content of this album is raucous ska-punk, excellently performed but ultimately unfulfilling, 'cos, y'know, its fucking ska-punk. Far too infrequently Brain Failure sprinkle some raspberry syrup over their opus in the form of unreconstructed Clash-esque punk. The three dirty gritty punkers on this album [out of 10 tracks] are its redemption but also tend to underline the deficiencies of this otherwise lackluster disc. The less said about the closing tune – an abortive nu-metal/hardcore fusion – the better.