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"Culture Bureau" is an ongoing SmartBeijing interview series in which we take long, meandering strolls down memory lane with pillars of the Beijing cultural community.

Shen Lihui is the founder of Modern Sky, at this point a peerless arbiter of Chinese independent music and youth culture. His domain includes over 150 compilations and albums released on the official Modern Sky label and various umbrella projects, including noise rock sub-label Badhead, electronic imprint Guava, and recently merged-in collaborator Robust Husband. Since 2007, Modern Sky's most visible and ambitious project has been revolutionizing the large-scale music festival. They do two a year in Beijing — including next week's Strawberry Festival — plus offshoots in Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi'an, and Zhenjiang. They underwrite the rapidly growing Caoker video portal, which produces original music videos and live concert footage and syndicates like content from international artists. They organize hundreds of club shows for their more than 30 active artists throughout China and internationally each year. And they do one-off art and design projects on the side, just for kicks.

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