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This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


Daylight is a rock artist , originally from Barcelona, Spain.

General information about Daylight

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English Name Daylight
Genre rock
Origin Barcelona, Spain


Daylight is a rock band from Spain, established in a Barcelona high school in 2004. From the beginning they played songs and made noise noise for pure fun. But after playing their first local shows, it became apparent that music was more than a mere release. Music, personal and written by the band together, was becoming a lifestyle, a way of doing things, a way of seeing the world, and a different way of living. It was something worth spending time on, more significant and more worthwhile than living the all too normal lives of their contemporaries. That was when the band decided to get serious, and took on a more ambitious songwriting approach. The music environment in Spain is decadent and predominantly superficial; made up mostly of image-conscious bands striving blindly for fame and that elusive major label record deal.

Frustrated by their countries musical environment; born with a punk rock spirt and a punk rock work ethic comes Daylight. A punk band that believes in hard work and humility. A band that plays shows anytime, to whoever shows up without even thinking of where they will sleep after the show. The band remains unsigned, because managing themselves is part of the job. Being independent hasn't stopped the band releasing their debut album. Nor has it stopped them from playing countless shows and appearing on television. They love the road. And for a punk band, live shows are the essence of being in a band. It’s the moment when you can forget about everything and reach an audience face to face. It's real. In a world that's less and less.

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