DiTan Park Music Festival 2009

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'DiTan Park Music Festival 2009

DiTan Park Music Festival May 1 & May 2 (16:30—22:30)

Bring a rug, lie on the grass and enjoy the festivities at Ditan Park’s First Folk Music Festival

Ditan Park’s May Music Festival will be the first folk festival in Beijing’s Ditan park and aims to promote a cross cultural meld of music from Mongolia, North West China, Gypsy Jazz, American Blues, African drums, Afro-beat and much more…

We welcome all walks of life, hidden talents, hats, families, magicians, street theatre and performers to attend, participate and enjoy an evening of ancient and modern traditions, real roots music and most importantly a day where Foreign folk meet Chinese folk.

DAY 1 (Fri- 1st)

16:30 - Super kiss (Harmonic guitar slapping) - 肃肃与老洪 susu and LaoHong ( Harmonica & Blues) - 卢子健 luzijian ( Chinese Folk music) - No Name (French Gypsy Jazz) - today (Chinese Folk trio) - 尼古拉斯 Nicolas (Blues) - 赵牧阳 ZhaoMuYiang (Xibei Folk Music) - 山人 Shanren (Expiremental Chinese Folk Musician (Guizhou) - 四月与盒子 Siyue Yi hezi - 刚子 Ganzi (Mongolian Folk Music) - 小河 XiaoHe - 马条 Matiao ( Xinjiang) - 耳光 Er Guang

DAY 2 ( May 2nd) 16:30 - 仲华 Zhonghua (Chinese Folk music) - 什刹海 Shishahai Folk band - 范世琪 Fanshiqi (Folk band) - 小猛与Sue XiaoMeng - 镜子 Jinzi - 狗毛 Gou Mao Taiwan Folk - Minority Jam Parade (Jonny & Friends) - 肖阳 Xiao Yang - 南无 NanWu - AFroKoKo roots (15 piece Afro-Beat band) - 奥杰阿格与太阳部落 A’Ge - 蓝稻田 Landaotian (Funk band) - 冬子 Dongzi Chinese Folk Music - 白菜 Mademoiselle et les chinois 22:00 - 苏阳 SuYang


You can buy tickets at any of the Ditan Park Gates and will allow you entry into the park and festival which is near the North Gate.

Tickets on sale now at Dong’s Guitar shop No 57 Gulou Dong Dajie, Dong Cheng District Beijing. 北京东城区鼓楼东大街57号 卓越琴行 010 84043067

CONTACT US: ditanparkmusic@yahoo.com TELEPHONE: Jonny 1371 851 6912