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This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


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Djizoes is a Hard Rock, Stoner, Metal artist , originally from Swisserland.

General information about Djizoes


English Name Djizoes
Genre Hard Rock, Stoner, Metal
Origin Swisserland


Fred DiLimoncelli – Guitars 吉他

Ales Campanelli - Bass/Vocal 贝司/主唱

Vinch Cerutti – Drums 鼓


Participant on the Midi Music Festival 2013

Djizoes will take you away with their wild and enchanting rhythms. Part hard rock, part metal, this progressive and evolving band has since their creation in 2002 managed to convert many an unbeliever! Djizoes did Two 30+ gig tours in Japan and the US., later they were back in Switzerland recording “In The Papers”, their first full album. Djizoes: released this album in Tokyo in December 2006, setting off their 2nd Japanese tour. In 2008, the bands' summer tour took them to Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. Their last CD, "Erkonoclast", was released during the tour. Djizoes: just finished recording and will release their second ablum "Ichi Ten Dai" in may 2010 while touring China, Japan and America. A European tour should follow as well.

This band is regarded in Switzerland as the example to be followed for up and coming bands

来自瑞士的Djizoes 乐队将会用他们的狂野和迷人的节奏把你感动. 自从2002年建队以来,这支不断进步的乐队以他们一半硬摇滚一半金属摇滚的风格征服了无数的新乐迷。Djizoes 乐队曾经在美国和日本进行过两个三十场次的巡回演出, 之后他们便回到瑞士录制了他们第一张专辑 “In The Papers”。这张专辑于2006年在日本发行, 同期乐队进行了第二次的日本巡回演出。2008年Djizoes 乐队的夏季巡演涉足到了香港、日本和台湾。Djizoes 乐队的最新专辑将于2010年发行。

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