E Groove Band

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E Groove Band

General information

5 years ago, 6 young and emerging musicians in China’s jazz music front got together. E-Groove represented their spirits! E stands for Electric, Everyone; Groove stands for rhythm and team.

Now after 5 years, E-Groove has become the centre force in China’s jazz music stage. They have been continuously exploring new elements in their music, breaking traditional bounds, absorbing inspirations from different types of musical genres, and thus shaping a unique style of its own. E-Groove brings with its brand new sensation of visual and musical enjoyment by its soul into the music performance.

In 2006, with a completely new concept of jazz concert named by different cities, E-Groove had a huge success of live performance of Jazz City serial concerts at Grand Hyatt Concert Hall in Shanghai. Tickets were sold out one week before each performance, and occupancy rate of each performance was as high as 120% (even all standing tickets were sold out on the day of performance). In March 2007, E-Groove successfully performed live with Mr. Chen Zhipeng on the “Love of the Old Days” jazz concert, leaving music veteran Mr. Chen Zhipeng, experts from entertainment industry and the media at the scene with a deep impression of the band’s outstanding musical skills and performance.