Easy World (Zhong Chi)

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General Information

Artist: Zhong Chi
Title: 简单世界 (jiǎndān shìjiè) / Easy World
Release Date: 2007, December 21
Label: Soma Art
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.:
ISRC: CN-A50-07-35400

Track Listing

  1. Easy World 简单世界
  2. Fairy Tale 童话
  3. From The Moon 来自月亮
  4. I Can't Hide 无处躲藏
  5. Rain 雨
  6. Truth 真相
  7. 12:44 十二点四十四分
  8. And This Is Cut 到此为止
  9. Angel Eyes 天使的眼睛
  10. Kill Sarah 静