El Columpio Asesino (Midi 2008)

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El Columpio Asesino (Midi 2008), Spanish eclectic pop/rock/electronic band

(Aka ECA)


Vocals and drums: Albaro Arizaleta

Guitar: Raúl Arizaleta

Guitar: Markos Tantos

Bass guitar: Xabier "txibe" Ibero

Trumpet: Iñigo "Sable" Sola

Keyboards: Cristina Martínez

Percussion: Roberto Urzaiz

Manager: Alonso Remedios


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El Columpio Asesino (Midi 2008)

EL COLUMPIO ASESINO are one of the most extraordinary and unclassifiable bands of the Spanish independent pop-rock scene. With their own eclectic mix of electronic music, punk spirit, noise and pop melody, they appeared on the scene in 2001 after winning several prestigious contests, including the first edition of "Demo" –organized by FIB Heineken and RNE RADIO 3-. Since then, they have been working non-stop, recording and touring in Spain and Mexico.

EL COLUMPIO ASESINO是其中一条西班牙独立流行岩石场面的最非凡和最不可归类的带。与他们电子音乐的自己的综合性,低劣的精神,吵闹并且流行曲调,2001年他们在现场出现在赢取几场有名望的比赛以后,包括小谎Heineken和RNE-收音机” -组织的“演示的初版3。 从那以后,他们不停工作,录音并且在西班牙和墨西哥游览。

Further Information

Participant on the Midi Music Festival 2008 and Midi Music Festival 2009