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Erica Lee female Jazz singer, a JZ Group musician

Origin: Guangzhou??

General Information

Taken from JZ Club Website:

  • Winner of the Pepsi music festival in GuangDong in the category of best solo artist and best band (Brave).
  • Won Guangzhou’s prestige grant from the He Andong’s foundation for talented young music students.
  • Got accepted in Shanghai music conservatory, major in composition and arrangement.
  • Won the Shanghai music conservatory singing competition.
  • Came second in the Shanghai / Asia new talent singing contest and won the award for best original song.
  • Starred in the motion picture “The White Countess” directed by James Ivory and starring Ralph Fiennes, as the jazz singer, and sang the song “its not too late” on the soundtrack (movie scheduled for release at end of 2005.)
  • “alPerformed as the lead singer with “all that Shanghai Jazz” at the Hong Kong art festival and Singapore Chinese diaspora art festival.l that shanghai jazz”
  • Performed at the ASEAN meeting in Hainan, Bo au, for ASEAN leaders.
  • Performed at the Asia Pop Festival at the World Expo in Nagoya, Japan in September 2005 with Shinji Tanimura.
  • Graduated BA (Hons) from the Shanghai music conservatory with majors being composition and arrangement.

Further Information

Artist Page on JZ Club Website