Excess Luggage 2010 China Tour

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The Return of Excess Luggage (the 2nd China Tour by the Norwagian Jazz Trio)

organized by Jon Campbell and ygtwo.com


Trio to once again break new geographical ground in third instalment of Go West project

Once again, the best in Norwegian jazz descends upon the Middle Kingdom. Spring, 2009 saw Excess Luggage perform for audiences in the northwest, southeast and many point between; the autumn saw the Core travel up and down almost the entire length of China’s east coast, from Harbin to Hong Kong. This spring, with the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing and Rikskonsertene, Excess Luggage returns to chart new musical and geographical territory.

With music based upon strong melodies, lots of energy and a well-developed interplay between three musicians who have known each other – and played together – for many years, Excess Luggage is a unique Norwegian jazz trio. The rarity of this combination – organ, piano and drums – only adds to the audience’s appreciation: Combining the groovy feel of the organ trio with the harmonic and melodic style of the piano trio, Excess Luggage might well be the perfect trio. The band’s three members are some of Norway’s best jazz musicians, having won several Norwegian Grammys (Spellemannpris) for a range of different projects. No strangers to China, Excess Luggage have already toured the country twice, hitting nine cities across the map, including the little-visited Western region. In 2010, the group returns to to perform at universities and venues in Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Tianjin and Beijing.

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http://www.excessluggage.org http://www.ygtwo.com