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Fake Music / Fake Media 非刻音乐 fei hai yin yue 非刻传媒 fei hai chuan mei (a Beijing based booking agency)



taken from their myspace page:

FAKE is Helen Feng (冯海宁) and Philipp Grefer (古文菲)

FAKE does everything the artist needs e.g. promotion, booking, management and video production in Europe, Asia and the Americas...

In their own words: "We build a bridge between China and what’s going on in Art Fashion and Music in the world, bringing the most up and coming international artists to China and building their following locally, while creating parties and events that are one step ahead of the local trends, creating new trends for the future."

Helen Feng (冯海宁) bio:

Currently the lead singer of two of China's hottest bands Pet Conspiracy and Ziyo, Helen's was born in China and educated in the United States. Fluent in both Chinese and English, she returned to China in 2002 as an MTV VJ and Assistant Producer. Later she created the popular radio show Sunset Blvd. on China Radio International moving on to CCTV in 2004 to host the program CENTER STAGE for 3 years. In 2006 she started another popular program on China's Number 1 Youth Radio Station HIT FM called the "THE ROCK SHOW" which is now syndicated in most major markets throughout the country. Her credits in concert and tv production include the Fortune Global Forum at the Heavenly Temple, the ALICIA KEYS/CYNDI LAUPER concert at the Great Wall, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD during the 2008 Olympic Games. As a actress her film works includes a role in the Hong Kong "Oscar" award winning film PERHAPS LOVE, and as the singer for the theme song of the MUMMY III. Currently, Helen is listed by TIME OUT magazine as one of China's biggest Rockstars and radio personalities.

Lead singer, songwriter, radio show host, TV show producer, writer, and host, events coordinator, and filmmaker, Helen Feng has been an influential figure of the Chinese music scene and has helped shape it for almost a decade. In 2002, she was one of the first producers on MTV China to focus attention to the budding skating and hip hop scene, and in 2004 she started the show Sunset Blvd on CRI Easy FM, in 2003 writing and hosting Center Stage on CCTV. In 2005, she started the highly influential cult favorite “The Rock Show” on Hit FM. Her Production credits include work on the Fortune Global Forum, Access Hollywood Olympics for NBC Television, Production Managing the video for the Alicia Keys Great Wall Concert, among others. Her film credits including roles in Peter Chan’s Perhaps love, and as the singer for the title song of the Mummy 3. Her two bands include Free the Birds(ZIYO) and Pet Conspiracy are both critical and commercial success stories, with former ZIYO releasing on Warner Music in 2008, and Pet Conspiracy winning best Chinese Language band in Asia in 2010.[1]

Philipp Grefer (古文菲) bio

Since age 18 Philipp works as a freelance journalist, promoter, and music aficionado in the international music scene (and on rare occasions turns into a DJ, known as "DJ Tokyo")

His music management work includes touring with/booking bands in China, California, Mexico, Guatemala, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Australia; organizing concerts and parties in Cologne, San Diego and Beijing; the production of music videos for WAKAL, PACO MENDOZA / RAGGABUND / CARAMELO CRIMINAL, PET CONSPIRACY in Hong Kong, Paris, Rome, Cologne, San Francisco, Tijuana, Lago Atitlán, Budapest, Hamburg, Berlin, Barcelona; and managing the bands MALK (Cologne- in 2007/2008) and PET CONSPIRACY (Beijing – current).

As a freelance journalist he worked in video/radio and printmedia for the likes of EINS LIVE (germanys most listened youth radio), WDR 2, WESTDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, INTRO (festivalguide), MOTOR FM, KÖLNCAMPUS, RADIOGLOBAL, CHINESISCH-DEUTSCHES KULTURNETZ and QVEST (filming a documentary on german band 2RAUMWOHNUNG IN CHINA). Philipp is co-founder of the now defunct international radio programme turned "we kill art with a groove" project ACHTUNG RADIO.

On top of that he managed to get an good ol..german diploma (what would now be called a master) of the University of Cologne in REGIONALWISSENSCHAFTEN LATEINAMERIKA something which literally translates to REGIONAL SCIENCES OF LATIN AMERICA and is basically a mix of political science, economics as well as Latin American / Iberian history, literature and linguistics.

Philipp speaks three languages fluently, is learning three others, travelled 35 countries, lived, studied and/or worked in Cologne, San Diego and Buenos Aires and since the beginning of 2007 divides most of his time between Beijing, Cologne and Berlin.

Fluent in German, English, and Spanish, Philipp Grefer was formerly of the Band Hi Density, releasing one record with them in the late 90’s. After receiving his Masters at Cologne University, Philipp went on to work as a freelance music journalist as well as a manager for young and upcoming electro band MALK as well as starting “Actung Radio”, a youth culture Blogsite in Germany. A frequent party promoter in Europe, his later collaborations with bands in Germany would bring him to China. Most recently involved in coordinating the acts for Berlin Square/ European Square at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai as well as organizing the subsequent tour. Also a live DJ known as Metro Tokyo, Philipp is known for not just understanding current trends but future trends in music.[2]


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  • Philipp Grefer, e-mail: fakemusicmedia@gmail.com, tel:13552443145
  • Zhang Jie 张杰 (中文), e-mail: zhangjie151@yahoo.com.cn, tel: 010-64511400
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