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Flying Midnight

Flying Midnight , (sometimes: Flying At Midnight) 午夜飞行 wǔ yè fei xíng, brit styled indie pop / rock band from Beijing (mostly English lyrics)

(not to be mistaken for the Hongkong Punk Band Midnight Flight)



  • Vocals + Guitars - Wang Lu (王路)
  • Guitars + loops - Geng Jian (耿健)
  • Bass - Guan Jie (关杰)
  • Drums - Xu Biao (徐彪)


Formed by vocalist and guitarist Wang Lu (王路) and drummer Xu Biao (徐彪) in October 2004, the band started playing live music in March 2005 and won the main prize of Calm Music College Music Competition in May the same year. It placed in the best Top 10 Bands at Levi's Band Competition in June. From there on the band participated in many smaller and bigger events including Modern Sky Festivals etc. They are a very young group, with a British rock style. Their style is fresh and appealing. Even though the group was recently formed, each musician has played in other bands for a long time, so each group member has mature ideas and a lot of experience. Some people might say their music is unrefined or immature. That’s because the band wants to rediscover its musical roots, and find a new self. The band is made up of young people working hard to make a living, just like so many other young people. Just like so many other young people, they all have suffered hardship, have had happy days, and have experienced love! The music itself is popular, but diverse. The band’s goal, to use its own strength to become a mainstream group, is a difficult but enjoyable challenge.


March 2005: Flying Midnight began performing. In May they were the China “calm music” college band champions.

June 2005: Placed top ten in the Levi’s Band Competition.

July 2005: Participated in the Levi’s and Modern Sky Records compilation album. In the same month, they accepted an interview from Music Life News <<音乐生活报>>.

September 2005: Participated in the Nanhai Pop Music Festival at Chaoyang Park in Beijing, and soon afterwards went to bars of every size.

December 2005: Participated in Ski Slope Music Festival

March 2006: Participated in the Cool Guest online music party.

May 2005: Winner of the Maxcell Campus major competition of the Tianjin/Beijing regional division.

May 2005: Performed at the 20th Anniversary Chinese Rock Concert.

September 2006: Performed at the Baoding Rock Festival

October 1 2006: Participated in the first Rock and Beer Festival

October 2006: Accepted an interview from Popular Songs In the same month, participated in the Tencent (腾讯) mainpage web discussion about rock and roll

June 2006: Participated in an activity at Haoyun Bar to pay respects to Beyond

July 2006: At the beginning of the month, participated in the BTV-6 Show “I love the World Cup” and sang the 1994 U.S. World Cup theme song.

August 19, 2006: Participated in the Ye Shi Rong Birthday party, and got good reviews.

September 2006: Participated in the Taiwan Straight Mid-Autumn Festival Large Art and Literature Evening Gala

December 2006: Talked on 103.9 radio show “Beijing Blues”《蓝调北京》

December 2006: At the beginning of the month, was the Beijing-Tianjin representative for the Maxcell Campus Major Nationals Competition and won the prize for being most creative from Maxcell company, invited to be China’s team representative in the 2007 Music Festival in Japan

March 2007: Flying Midnight filmed a daily journal log

July 28, 2007: Flying Midnight participated in a science and technology wealthy helping the poor children benefit concert at the New Central Plaza in Zhongguancun, Beijing, with special guest Zhang Zhen Yue

February-August 2007: The band records its first demo album

October 2, 2007: Participated in the Modern Sky Festival

October 22, 2007: Flying Midnight was a special guest for Levi’s 4th National College Original Music Competition

November 2007: Invited to perform as special guests at the Renmin University of China’s “Shadow of Long Love” 《歌影年華》Evening Gala

December 2007: Flying Midnight’s vocalist Wang Lu received an exclusive interview from Tencent (腾讯)

March 16, 2008: performed at the first Clown’s Tip Creative Music College Tour at University of Science and Technology Beijing

May-June 2008: Participated in the multi site disaster relief charity performance, and received many interviews as well as mentions in reports.

June 13 2008: Performed as a special guest in Modern Sky Records as a touring band and promoted the album

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