Fotos (Midi 2008)

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Fotos (Midi 2008), Minimalist / Other / Pop from Hamburg (Germany)


Tom Hessler (Vocals)

Deniz Erarslan (Guitar)

Frieder Weiss (Bass)

Benedikt Schnermann (Drums)


fotos get together in Hamburg in August 2005 and things start to move pretty fast. 5 months after their formation they record their first album and as soon as their recordings circulate among the German music scene they quickly raise heads and eyebrows. Every record company worth speaking of court the band and in May 2006 fotos sign on the dotted line with Labels/EMI. About this time at the Immergut Festival Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene happens to see what is only the band’s 10th concert ever. During BSS’s headlining show he warmly recommends fotos to a surprised audience. “I don’t understand a word of German, but I absolutely felt the energy of this band.”

When you hear the voice of 23-year-old Tom Hessler, the band’s singer, guitarist and songwriter, you get Drew’s point immediately. Somewhere in between singing and shouting he makes clear that he won’t wait for people to listen to him. He makes them listen. In this plan he is united with his three co-conspirators Deniz (git), Beppo (dr), and Frieder (bass). Using the basic instruments of a rock band, together they carve out a jagged, noisy framework for Hessler’s electronica-inspired songs without ever giving in to rock clichés.

Since the release of their first, self-titled album in September 2006 fotos have played over 150 shows and eaten up over 30.000 km of road on tour. They have gained a reputation for being one of Germanys top live acts and have gathered a large fan base including France’s pop heroes Phoenix who secured their services as opening act for the German part of their tour. In February 2007 fotos played their first two concerts outside of German-speaking territories in Paris. Due to the success of these shows, the band will return to Paris in January 2008 and have added shows in London and Deurne/Netherlands. These shows will see the live premiere of songs from the bands upcoming second album, due to be released in spring 2008. Also Fotos starred in a comercial endorsing a Channel 4 website to try life in another language.

Further information

Participant on the Midi Music Festival 2008.