Four Lines Pane

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Four Lines Pane


Vocal/guitar: Liu si yuan

Bass: Jiang lei

Drum: Han guang


Qingdao’s grunge influenced Four Lines Pane spent from 2000-2003 work shopping their heavily distorted rock and roll around Shandong provinces various clubs before moving (not all together) to Beijing in 2003. Now that they’re in China’s rock music capital they have proven at every turn that hard work and determination do pay off, earning a place amongst the pantheon of China’s most compelling performers. Through touring China and releasing their debut EP Barren/Nothing Four Line Pane have matured like a fine wine, and whittled their live show into a pointed and powerful expression of power-trio might.

May 1st-4th, 2006, they performed during the Midi Music Festival 2006.

Participated Festivals

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