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This is a foreign artist - performing or touring in China - not a Chinese artist


Frida Andersson is a indie pop artist , originally from Finland.

General information about Frida Andersson

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English Name Frida Andersson
Genre indie pop
Origin Finland


Frida Andersson is a 24-year-old Singer/songwriter from Finland living in Stockholm. She grew up in the south of Finland in a small city called, Ekenäs. When Frida was three years old she performed for the first time with her older sister Emma and her father Bosse Andersson (trubadour). A few years later her little sister Elin also joined the family band. As a four year old kid Frida declared to her parents that she´s going to be a singer.

After she graduated from Senior High (2006) she decided to move to Stockholm. Frida studied singer/songwriting at Kulturama for a year and when she returned to Finland (2007) she began her studies in Media Culture at Arcada – University of Applied Sciences, to be specialized in Sound Engineering.

In the Autumn (2007) Frida was elected ”Finland´s Lucia 2007″. She toured Finland and had about 80 performances during a month. Same Autumn Frida got a record deal with Cosmos Music Group (Bonnier Amigo) and started to work on her debut album together with producer, Hannu Korkeamäki (member of Finland´s Idols jury 2004). In October 2009 Fridas first album, ”Busy Missing You” was released in Finland. In year 2010 the album was also released in Sweden, Canada and Poland.

Frida moved back to Stockholm 2011. She released her new album ”Sister” on her own label, Casual Friday Music this year (2012) in Finland and Sweden. Her song ”Elvi´s Song” got listed 8 on Radio Suomi directly after the release of Sister. Frida recently signed a sub publishing deal for Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

When you see Frida perform live you get the feeling that you´ve been invited to her livingroom, rather than she´s the untouchable artist. Frida invites you in. Together with her guitar she writes songs about things that happen around her in life, feelings and stories that she´s carrying with her from one day to another. Some of her stories are often filled with ironic humour, others are sentimental love ballades. Frida wrote most of the songs on her debutalbum, ”Busy Missing You”, produced by Hannu Korkeamäki. Artists such as Anna Eriksson and Teemu Brunila also made their contribution.

Frida´s new album ”Sister” was released 18th January 2012 in Sweden and Finland. This time Frida recorded and produced her album and she´s releasing the album on her own label, Casual Friday Music.


Studio albums

  • "Sister" (2012)
  • "Busy Missing You" (2009)

Further information

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