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Future Bicycle

Future Bicycle (未来脚踏车, wèi lái jiâo tà che), (Beijing, brit pop / indie alternative rock band)

"Bicycles are associated with the ideas of open air, relaxation and freedom. Plus, it is an eco-friendly way of living. We choose the name Future Bicycles with the hope that our music would bring a free feeling to people who love music and who dare to dream." - Han Peng[1]



  • Vocals: Han Peng (韩彭)
  • Bass: Xia Ning (夏宁)
  • Drums: Ling Xiao (凌霄)


Yet Another Chinese Brit Pop Band, Future Bicycle as the name may already pictured out the frame feels of wishful kids with easy listen blurr sound, dreamy teeny lyrics and childish never-wanna-grow-up vocals. Well at least this is just the first impression (or maybe that's how they want us to take them), in fact all three musicians of this as early as 2001 found band are actually professional producers of the young generation who took care of production for many famous Chinese pop acts and stars such as Li Yuchun!



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