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German Esplanade (also know as "German Weeks", chn.: 德国大道 [De Guo Da Dao], germ.: die Deutsche Promenade)

Basic Info

It's a 3-years exhibition/festival/culture exchange project initiated by both governments of China and Germany. The organization behind it is DuC (Deutschland und China).

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Six cities, six unique events, from Nanjing to Shanghai – the "Germany Esplanade" will showcase Germany at its best.

Pavilions sponsored by well-known German companies such as Allianz, BASF, Deutsche Bank, DHL or Siemens will exhibit their innovations in fields such as environmental technology, energy, finance and mobility. Energy efficiency and sustainable development are just two key words that highlight opportunities for Germany and China to work together for a greener future – all presented in an entertaining multimedia exhibition on "Cities in Motion".

But Germany is more than cutting-edge technology and innovative engineering; the country is rich in art, music, lifestyle and food culture, too! Join the crowds and relax in one of the German-style beer and wine gardens. The "Germany Esplanade" offers a colorful variety of authentic German food.

Art lovers can stroll around works by well-known German artists. A Pop Festival featuring top musical acts from Germany and China will keep you on the dance floor.

So look out for an unprecedented cultural experience – the "Germany Esplanade" might come to your city, too!

the Pop Music Festival

more interesting to us is the pop music festival that goes along with the whole event, inviting both chn. and german musicians and artists to perform on an open air stage.

German Esplanade Nanjing 2007 (October, Province Jiangsu)

German Esplanade Chongqing 2008 (Mid May, half canceled duo to the huge Earth quake)

+ Beijing follow-up gig: German Music Night I with Deine Lakaien, Mia + Corvus Corax (Canceled!!)

next event:

German Esplanade Guangzhou 2008 (7th - 15th November, Guangzhou City, Province Guangdong, details
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+ Beijing follow-up gig: German Music Night II with DORO, Corvus Corax and Christoph Haperer

German Esplanade Shenyang 2009

German Esplanade Wuhan 2009

Best Of DuC Shanghai 2010 on 23rd and 24th September 2010 in Shanghai.

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