German Esplanade Guangzhou 2008

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Basic Info

this is a sub event of German Esplanade which takes place in six chn. cities over a time space of 3 years.

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Mid November 2008 in Guangzhou City, + after gigs of participating Bands in Beijing & Shanghai and Guangzhou

Festival Program

open air festival with top german acts such as: Doro, Letzte Instanz, Kira, Corvus Corax, Deine Lakaien, Jeans Team, Tobias Escher, Monokino, Tele, Texas Lightning, Christoph Haberer, etc. Also chn. artists like Wang Yong, The Swamp, The Honeys, 3 Step etc. will attend to the popfestival.

Programm Details

Beijing follow-up gig

German Music Night II with Christoph Haberer, Corvus Corax + Doro

Further Information