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Located in the North-East of Beijing, just one train station south to the WangJing station (Line 13), the Old Get Lucky Bar has breathed it's last air in 2003.

As the New Get Lucky Bar is already opened since March, the old one is going to be demolished within the next months (from May 2004 on).

Granting space for at least 250 people this bar is actually a KTV place. In the front bar area bands are allowed to play and in the back is the KTV section.

The interior is decorated half as country club and half as German 'Hofbraeuhaus' complete including the slogan: "Gebraut nach deutschem Reinheitsgebot" and with the Bavarian flag.

Telephone number: +86 010 64299109

Unfortunately the Old Get Lucky Bar has been already demolished and the New Get Lucky Bar reopened nearby Nv Ren Jie.

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