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A visual noise event made by young talented designers and artists around the globe. The exhibition is conceived as a platform for showcasing their creativity and personal thoughts, in order to explore their sources of inspirations in their daily lives. It also tends to examine graphic art/design as lifestyles, living attitudes, and as an integral part of urban culture.

The exhibition will focus on young creators with Chinese background working in different places around the world. At the same time, to give the exhibition an international scope, Get It Louder also invited some talented creators from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Sweden, and USA to join. Rather than focusing on a particular format or medium, the exhibition will bring in fresh and innovative art works in such a diverse range of creative fields as print, web, moving images, photography, video, fashion, and more.

Besides exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, Get It Louder will have internationally-renowned designers as our guest speakers presenting their latest work at the venues. It will also feature a sound art performance on the opening day in each city. Get It Louder is the first art/design exhibition and event of its kind held in mainland China.


Get It Louder happened in

Participating Artists

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Final poster
  • Alex Su (Coldtea), Guangzhou China
  • Andy Huang, New York USA
  • Ann Xiao, London UK
  • Bei Bang, Shanghai China
  • Ben Tseng Ho Fung, Treviso, Italy
  • Billy Wen, Shanghai China
  • Boris Dworschak, Pforzheim, Germany
  • Cao Fei, Guangzhou China
  • Carloe Liu, Kyoto Japan
  • Cheang Lin Yew + Yeoh Guan Hong + Liew San Yen, New Zealand
  • Chen Jeuce Huang, Sydney Australia
  • Chen Xudong + Wu Jie (DAtrans), Shanghai China
  • Chen Yimin, California USA
  • DeChazier P. Stokes-Johnson, Milwaukee USA
  • Dejun Wan, New York USA
  • Fai Desmond Leung, Hong Kong China
  • Fu Yu + Jia Haiqing (8gg), Beijing China
  • Garry Trinh, Sydney Australia
  • Gaston Caba, Buenos Aires Argentina
  • Geng Chen, Shanghai China
  • Gerard + Agnes (Junkflea), Singapore
  • Gu Fan (Lowfish), Beijing China
  • Guan Chun, Shanghai China
  • Guan Xiao Jia (Guan Xiao), Beijing China
  • Guang Yu, Beijing China
  • Guo Ran, Strasbourg France
  • Guus Gijben, The Netherlands
  • Hampus Ericstam (Les4000), Stockholm Sweden
  • He Jun, Beijing China
  • Hei Lee, Guangzhou China
  • Himm Wonn (Urban), Shanghai China
  • Huang Weikai, Guangzhou China
  • i-city project, Hong Kong China
  • Jiang Jun, Guangzhou China
  • Jiang Zhi, Shenzhen China
  • Jin Shan, Hangzhou China
  • Jonathan Ip, New York USA
  • Joyn:Design, Sydney Australia
  • Justin Zhong Minjie, Guangzhou China
  • Kam Tang, London UK
  • Kuan Ke'on, Beijing China
  • Li Chin sung, Hong Kong China
  • Li Jianhong, Hangzhou China
  • Li Qiuqiu + Raphael Cooper, Beijing China
  • Lin Zhiying, Shenzhen China
  • Liu Lei + Zhu Yong (Y.ID), London UK/Beijing China
  • Liu Zhizhi, Beijing China
  • Lu Bo, Beijing China
  • Ma Ke, Guangzhou China
  • Ma Liang, Shanghai China
  • Ma Yansong, Beijing China/New York USA
  • Man Chung Lee, Hong Kong China
  • Matt Govaere, Detroit USA
  • Matt Morgan, Los Angeles USA
  • Milkxhake, Hong Kong China
  • Momorobo, Singapore
  • Ou Ning, Guangzhou China
  • Paul Snowden, Berlin Germany, New Zealand
  • Peng Han, Beijing China
  • Peng Lei, Beijing China
  • Peng & Chen, Shanghai China
  • Perk/ Si Wei + Jin Ning Ning, Shanghai China
  • Pulpographic / Li Daiyun + He Long, Beijing China
  •  :phunk, Singapore
  • Qian Qian, Springfield USA
  • Rob Chiu, Huddersfield UK
  • Saiman Chow, Los Angeles USA
  • Scott Rench, Chicago USA
  • Shi Kezhi, Shanghai China
  • Shirtflag, Shanghai China
  • 01media, Shanghai China
  • Sice (MIG), Guangzhou China
  • SK Lam, Hong Kong China
  • Sleepatwork, Hong Kong China
  • Stefanie L. Ku, California USA
  • Stereo, Sydney Australia
  • Su Hang + Qin Zhen (Ikon Design), Beijing China
  • Sun Lei (718), Beijing China
  • Sze Tsung Leong, New York USA
  • Toby Yeung, Hong Kong China
  • Underline, Guangzhou China
  • Unmask, Beijing China
  • Wang Bang, Guangzhou China
  • Wang Changcun, Harbin China
  • Wang Yiyang, Shanghai China
  • Wei Honglei (Yuer), Beijing China
  • Wei Xinyu, Beijing China
  • Wen Fang, Beijing China
  • Wu Duan, London UK
  • Wu Yichun, Shanghai China
  • Wu Zhen, Guangzhou China
  • Xiao Weitang, Guangzhou China
  • Xu Cheng, Shanghai China
  • Xu Wentao (Tiao Tiao), Guangzhou China
  • Yang Jing, Beijing China
  • Zhang Da, Shanghai China
  • Zhang Dan + Chen Man, Beijing China
  • Zhang Jiaping, Guangzhou China
  • Zhao Yue, Beijing China
  • Zhu Ye, Guangzhou China

Sound Performances & Artists

Further information

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