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The Global Battle of Bands also known as GBOB, 全球乐队争霸赛 quan qiu yue dui zheng ba sai


THE GLOBAL BATTLE OF THE BANDS is the worlds biggest live talent competition for bands of all genres. We aim to find raw talent wherever it is and expose it to a wider audience! Starting in 2004 with 16 countries participating, 25 countries took part in 2006 and participation continues to grow in 2010 with over 30 countries now involved. Every year Local Qualifying Heats and National Finals take place in participating countries around the world, with the winners of these going forward to World Final.

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GBOB China is mainly run by Chris B (, she is based in HK where the Final Battle for GBOB also takes place. GBOB China has been existing since 2007 with their first Beijing Battle in 2009. Since 2010, after Beijing punk band Rustic gloriously won the Gobal Battle in the UK the year before, GBOB China wants to expand onto several other Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Makau etc.

There are simple rules for the participation of bands. No matter if you are a signed band or not, you can join the battle, but musicians needs to be older then 18 who have to performe their own original music without using pre-recorded music materials on stage. The way it works is each band gets 8min to play ( 2 songs), all the bands use the same backline, and during the heats (pre-rounds) the public vote of the audience counts 50% and judges count 50%, for the final battle only judge votes will define the winner.

There is a participation fee of about 50 RMB for each musician but further trips to the next level of battling will be paid for the local winner.

Jon Wyler is the organizer of GBOB Beijing:

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