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Works Cited (Making sense)

Draft transcribed version


General information

Original works author: Jeroen Groenewegen

Original works title: Tongue - Making sense of Beijing underground rock, 1997-2004

Universiteit Leiden

Talen en Culturen van China

Jeroen Groenewegen


March 18th 2005

a pdf version can be found here:

Glossary of Chinese Names

A Fei 􄰓􄺲

Ao Bo 􁬪􀤮

Chen Dili 􄰜􁑩􄞠

Chen Ge (Gary Chen) 􄰜􁟜

Chen Yi 􄰜􄇞

Cui Jian 􁋨􀘹

Dao Lang 􀟔􄚢

Fan Wuxing 􁮍􁮴􃸠

Fang Xiaoguang 􁮍􁰧􀜝

Guo Dagang 􄛁􀻻􃒆

Guo Fucheng (Aaron Kwok) 􄛁􁆠􀶢

Guo Long (Guo Zhanxiang) 􄛁􅕭􀋄􄛁􁈩􃖨􀋅

Han Weidong (San Mao) 􀞃􀤿􀏰 ( 􀏝􂆯 )

Hao Fang 􄚱􃟿

He Li 􀔩􅉸

Hu Mage 􃚵􀧫􀏾

Jin Zhaojun 􄞥􀜚􄩻

Kemaxiu (Matthew Clark) 􁷃􅁀􀗂

Li Dan 􁴢􁮺

Li Hongjun 􁴢􃑶􀝯

Li Jinhui 􅒢􄫺􁰪

Li Ming (Leon Lai) 􅒢􁯢

Li Yang 􁴢􂋟

Liang Heping 􁹕􀩠􁑇

Liang Yong’an 􁹕􂈌􁅝

Liang Shuming 􃊅􂔅􂑳

Liu Dehua (Andy Lau) 􀟬􁖋􀤢

Liu Jun 􀟬􀴛

Lu Lingtao 􄰚􀞠􂍯

Lu Xun 􅉕􄖙

Luo Qi 􃔫􂧺

Mabel Cheung (Zhang Wanting) 􁓴􁀝􁁋

Mamu’r 􅁀􁳼􁇨

Mao Ning 􂆯􁅕

Mao Zedong 􂆯􂋑􀏰

Miao Chenglin 􃢫􁡓􂨇

Mo Yan 􅄨􁉽

Nan Qing 􀤫􂨐

Ni Ping 􀗾􃧡

Peng Hongwu 􁕁􂋾􂄺

Qiu Dali 􄚅􀻻􀡯

Shen Lihui 􂉜􅒢􄕝

Shu Qi 􃟦􂎛

Shu Ye 􁷥􀻰

Sun Mengjin 􁄭􁄳􁰟

Sun Zhiqiang 􁄭􁖫􁔎

Wang Fan 􂥟􀞵

Wang Jun 􂥟􀖞

Wang Lei 􂥟􂺞

Wang Yi 􂥟􀏔

Wang Yong 􂥟􀢛

Wu Junde 􀨈􀝯􁖋

Wu Tun (Guo Ergang) 􀨈􀧲􀋄􄛁􀑠􀟮􀋅

Wu Wenguang 􀨈􁭛􀜝

Xiao He (He Guofeng) 􁇣􂊇 􀋄􀔩􀳑􄫟􀋅

Xue Ji 􄲾􁄷

Yan Jun 􄹰􁋏

Yang Bo 􁴼􂊶

Zhang Chu 􁓴􁼮

Zhang Fan 􁓴􁏚

Zhang Xiaozhou 􁓴􁰧􃟳

Zhang Xueyou (Jacky Cheung) 􁓴􁄺􀦟

Zhao Jianwei 􄍉􀘹􀓳

Zhou Yunpeng 􀨼􀑥􃫀

Zhou Yunzhe 􀨼􀑥􀫆

Zhu Jintong 􁴅􄫺􁔸

Zhu Xiaolong 􁴅􁇣􅕭

Zuoxiao Zuzhou (Wu Hongjin) 􁎺􁇣􂼪􀩦 􀋄􀨈􃑶􁏒􀋅

Referencing and Footnotes

In addition to the footnotes and references of the original works, further references and footmarks have been used to give the interested reader more details and specifica of respective events, persons, etc.

Additions to the original works

Some images, pictures and other graphical works have been added to the transcribed version by the team of RiC to further utilize the original works and efforts by Mr. Jeroen Groenewegen. Examples for the additions are linked articles to complete song lyrics or the portraits of mentioned key persons and bands.


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